License Changes

Changes in Qt and Third Party Modules released with Qt that are relevant to licensing.

Qt 5.11.1

Qt 3D Module

The use of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Photojournal in the module is actually limited to the planets-qml example. The attribution has therefore been removed from the module's documentation.

Qt Documentation

Use of the Titillium Web Font in the Coffee demo is now documented.

Qt Image Formats

WebP (libwebp) got updated to version 1.0.0.

Qt 5.11.0

Qt 3D Module

  • The Open Asset Import Library got updated to upstream version 4.1.0.
  • Examples use some assets from Substance Share that are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. This is now documented.

Qt Core Module

  • Parts of QTemporaryFile got removed from documentation. The corresponding code got removed already in Qt 5.10.0.
  • The copy of the The Public Suffix List got updated on 2018-01-04.
  • The concluded license for the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) changed to Unicode License Agreement - Data Files and Software (2016). In Qt 5.10 documentation, the component was labelled as Unicode CLDR (Unicode Common Locale Data Repository).
  • The use of the Unicode Character Database (UCD) under the Unicode License Agreement - Data Files and Software (2016). is now documented.

Qt D-Bus Module

Qt D-Bus uses code from libdbus-1 headers that are available under the Academic Free License v2.1, or GNU General Public License v2.0 or later. This is now documented.

Qt GUI Module

Qt Image Formats

Qt Quick Controls 2 Module

Use of Shadow values from Angular Material under MIT License in the Material Style is now documented.

Qt SQL Module

SQLite got updated to upstream version 3.23.1.

Qt Test Module

The concluded license of Linux Performance Events changed to GNU General Public License v2.0 only with Linux Syscall Note.

Qt WebEngine Module

Qt XML Patterns Module

Use of XML Schema under W3C Software Notice and Document License (2015-05-13) is now documented.

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