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Static functions

  • def hash (data, method)

Detailed Description

The PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash class provides a way to generate cryptographic hashes.

PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash can be used to generate cryptographic hashes of binary or text data.

Refer to the documentation of the QCryptographicHash.Algorithm enum for a list of the supported algorithms.

class PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash(method)

Constructs an object that can be used to create a cryptographic hash from data using method .



In Qt versions before 5.9, when asked to generate a SHA3 hash sum, PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash actually calculated Keccak. If you need compatibility with SHA-3 hashes produced by those versions of Qt, use the Keccak_ enumerators. Alternatively, if source compatibility is required, define the macro QT_SHA3_KECCAK_COMPAT .

Constant Description
QCryptographicHash.Md4 Generate an MD4 hash sum
QCryptographicHash.Md5 Generate an MD5 hash sum
QCryptographicHash.Sha1 Generate an SHA-1 hash sum
QCryptographicHash.Sha224 Generate an SHA-224 hash sum (SHA-2). Introduced in Qt 5.0
QCryptographicHash.Sha256 Generate an SHA-256 hash sum (SHA-2). Introduced in Qt 5.0
QCryptographicHash.Sha384 Generate an SHA-384 hash sum (SHA-2). Introduced in Qt 5.0
QCryptographicHash.Sha512 Generate an SHA-512 hash sum (SHA-2). Introduced in Qt 5.0
QCryptographicHash.Sha3_224 Generate an SHA3-224 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.1
QCryptographicHash.Sha3_256 Generate an SHA3-256 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.1
QCryptographicHash.Sha3_384 Generate an SHA3-384 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.1
QCryptographicHash.Sha3_512 Generate an SHA3-512 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.1
QCryptographicHash.Keccak_224 Generate a Keccak-224 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.9.2
QCryptographicHash.Keccak_256 Generate a Keccak-256 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.9.2
QCryptographicHash.Keccak_384 Generate a Keccak-384 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.9.2
QCryptographicHash.Keccak_512 Generate a Keccak-512 hash sum. Introduced in Qt 5.9.2
Parameters:data – str

Adds the first length chars of data to the cryptographic hash.


This function overloads PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash.addData() .

Return type:PySide2.QtCore.bool

Reads the data from the open PySide2.QtCore.QIODevice device until it ends and hashes it. Returns true if reading was successful.

static PySide2.QtCore.QCryptographicHash.hash(data, method)
Return type:


Returns the hash of data using method .


Resets the object.

Return type:PySide2.QtCore.QByteArray

Returns the final hash value.