QAxisInformation Class


The OPC UA AxisInformation type. More...

Header: #include <QtOpcUa/qopcuatype.h>
qmake: QT += opcua

Public Functions

QAxisInformation(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs)
QAxisInformation(const QOpcUa::QEUInformation &engineeringUnits, const QOpcUa::QRange &eURange, const QOpcUa::QLocalizedText &title, const QOpcUa::AxisScale &axisScaleType, const QVector<double> &axisSteps)
QOpcUa::AxisScale axisScaleType() const
QVector<double> axisSteps() const
QVector<double> &axisStepsRef()
QOpcUa::QRange eURange() const
QOpcUa::QEUInformation engineeringUnits() const
void setAxisScaleType(QOpcUa::AxisScale axisScaleType)
void setAxisSteps(const QVector<double> &axisSteps)
void setEURange(const QOpcUa::QRange &eURange)
void setEngineeringUnits(const QOpcUa::QEUInformation &engineeringUnits)
void setTitle(const QOpcUa::QLocalizedText &title)
QOpcUa::QLocalizedText title() const
QVariant operator QVariant() const
QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &operator=(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs)
bool operator==(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs) const

Detailed Description

The OPC UA AxisInformation type.

This is the Qt OPC UA representation for the OPC UA AxisInformation type defined in OPC-UA part 8, 5.6.6. It contains information about an axis which can be used for multiple purposes. A common use case could involve the plotting of display data. The engineering units and the title are used for the text on the plot, range, axisScaleType and axisSteps provide the scaling and the axis ranges of the plot.

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs an instance of QAxisInformation.

QAxisInformation::QAxisInformation(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs)

Constructs axis information from rhs.

QAxisInformation::QAxisInformation(const QOpcUa::QEUInformation &engineeringUnits, const QOpcUa::QRange &eURange, const QOpcUa::QLocalizedText &title, const QOpcUa::AxisScale &axisScaleType, const QVector<double> &axisSteps)

Constructs axis information with engineering units engineeringUnits, range eURange, title title, scaling axisScaleType and axis steps axisSteps.


Destroys the instance of QAxisInformation.

QOpcUa::AxisScale QAxisInformation::axisScaleType() const

Returns the scaling of this axis, defined by QOpcUa::AxisScale.

See also setAxisScaleType().

QVector<double> QAxisInformation::axisSteps() const

Returns specific values for each axis step.

This value is empty if the points are equally distributed and the step size can be calculated from the number of steps and the range. If the steps are different for each point but constant over a longer time, there is an entry for each data point.

See also setAxisSteps().

QVector<double> &QAxisInformation::axisStepsRef()

Returns a reference to the axis steps.

QOpcUa::QRange QAxisInformation::eURange() const

Returns the lower and upper values of this axis.

See also setEURange().

QOpcUa::QEUInformation QAxisInformation::engineeringUnits() const

Returns the engineering units of this axis.

See also setEngineeringUnits().

void QAxisInformation::setAxisScaleType(QOpcUa::AxisScale axisScaleType)

Sets the axis scale type to axisScaleType.

See also axisScaleType().

void QAxisInformation::setAxisSteps(const QVector<double> &axisSteps)

Sets the axis steps to axisSteps.

See also axisSteps().

void QAxisInformation::setEURange(const QOpcUa::QRange &eURange)

Sets the lower and upper values of this axis to eURange.

See also eURange().

void QAxisInformation::setEngineeringUnits(const QOpcUa::QEUInformation &engineeringUnits)

Sets the engineering units to engineeringUnits.

See also engineeringUnits().

void QAxisInformation::setTitle(const QOpcUa::QLocalizedText &title)

Sets the title to title.

See also title().

QOpcUa::QLocalizedText QAxisInformation::title() const

Returns the title of this axis.

See also setTitle().

QVariant QAxisInformation::operator QVariant() const

Converts this axis information to QVariant.

QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &QAxisInformation::operator=(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs)

Sets the values from rhs in this axis information.

bool QAxisInformation::operator==(const QOpcUa::QAxisInformation &rhs) const

Returns true if this axis information has the same value as rhs.

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