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QML AnimatedImage Element

Inherits Image

This element was introduced in Qt 4.7.


Detailed Description

The AnimatedImage element extends the features of the Image element, providing a way to play animations stored as images containing a series of frames, such as those stored in GIF files.

Information about the current frame and totla length of the animation can be obtained using the currentFrame and frameCount properties. You can start, pause and stop the animation by changing the values of the playing and paused properties.

The full list of supported formats can be determined with QMovie::supportedFormats().

Example Usage

The following QML shows how to display an animated image and obtain information about its state, such as the current frame and total number of frames. The result is an animated image with a simple progress indicator underneath it.

 import QtQuick 1.0

 Rectangle {
     width: animation.width; height: animation.height + 8

     AnimatedImage { id: animation; source: "animation.gif" }

     Rectangle {
         property int frames: animation.frameCount

         width: 4; height: 8
         x: (animation.width - width) * animation.currentFrame / frames
         y: animation.height
         color: "red"

See also BorderImage and Image.

Property Documentation

asynchronous : bool

Specifies that images on the local filesystem should be loaded asynchronously in a separate thread. The default value is false, causing the user interface thread to block while the image is loaded. Setting asynchronous to true is useful where maintaining a responsive user interface is more desirable than having images immediately visible.

Note that this property is only valid for images read from the local filesystem. Images loaded via a network resource (e.g. HTTP) are always loaded asynchonously.

cache : bool

Specifies whether the image should be cached. The default value is true. Setting cache to false is useful when dealing with large images, to make sure that they aren't cached at the expense of small 'ui element' images.

This property group was introduced in QtQuick 1.1.

currentFrame : int

frameCount : int

currentFrame is the frame that is currently visible. By monitoring this property for changes, you can animate other items at the same time as the image.

frameCount is the number of frames in the animation. For some animation formats, frameCount is unknown and has a value of zero.

mirror : bool

This property holds whether the image should be horizontally inverted (effectively displaying a mirrored image).

The default value is false.

This property group was introduced in QtQuick 1.1.

paused : bool

This property holds whether the animated image is paused.

By default, this property is false. Set it to true when you want to pause the animation.

playing : bool

This property holds whether the animated image is playing.

By default, this property is true, meaning that the animation will start playing immediately.

source : url

This property holds the URL that refers to the source image.

AnimatedImage can handle any image format supported by Qt, loaded from any URL scheme supported by Qt.

See also QDeclarativeImageProvider.