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QML ParticleMotionWander Element

The ParticleMotionWander object moves particles in a somewhat random fashion. More...

This element was introduced in Qt 4.7.


Detailed Description

The particles will continue roughly in the original direction, however will randomly drift to each side.

The code below produces an effect similar to falling snow.

 Rectangle {
     width: 240
     height: 320
     color: "black"

     Particles {
         y: 0
         width: parent.width
         height: 30
         source: "star.png"
         lifeSpan: 5000
         count: 50
         angle: 70
         angleDeviation: 36
         velocity: 30
         velocityDeviation: 10
         ParticleMotionWander {
             xvariance: 30
             pace: 100

See also Particles.

Property Documentation

pace : real

This property holds how quickly the paricles will move from side to side.

xvariance : real

yvariance : real

These properties set the amount to wander in the x and y directions.