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QML Path Element

A Path object defines a path for use by PathView. More...

This element was introduced in Qt 4.7.


Detailed Description

A Path is composed of one or more path segments - PathLine, PathQuad, PathCubic.

The spacing of the items along the Path can be adjusted via a PathPercent object.

PathAttribute allows named attributes with values to be defined along the path.

See also PathView, PathAttribute, PathPercent, PathLine, PathQuad, and PathCubic.

Property Documentation

read-onlyclosed : bool

This property holds whether the start and end of the path are identical.

read-onlydefaultpathElements : list<PathElement>

This property holds the objects composing the path.

A path can contain the following path objects:

  • PathLine - a straight line to a given position.
  • PathQuad - a quadratic Bezier curve to a given position with a control point.
  • PathCubic - a cubic Bezier curve to a given position with two control points.
  • PathAttribute - an attribute at a given position in the path.
  • PathPercent - a way to spread out items along various segments of the path.
     PathView {
         anchors.fill: parent
         model: ContactModel {}
         delegate: delegate
         path: Path {
             startX: 120; startY: 100
             PathAttribute { name: "iconScale"; value: 1.0 }
             PathAttribute { name: "iconOpacity"; value: 1.0 }
             PathQuad { x: 120; y: 25; controlX: 260; controlY: 75 }
             PathAttribute { name: "iconScale"; value: 0.3 }
             PathAttribute { name: "iconOpacity"; value: 0.5 }
             PathQuad { x: 120; y: 100; controlX: -20; controlY: 75 }

startX : real

startY : real

These properties hold the starting position of the path.