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QML PathCubic Element

The PathCubic defines a cubic Bezier curve with two control points. More...

This element was introduced in Qt 4.7.


Detailed Description

The following QML produces the path shown below:

 Path {
     startX: 20; startY: 0
     PathCubic {
         x: 180; y: 0
         control1X: -10; control1Y: 90
         control2X: 210; control2Y: 90

See also Path, PathQuad, and PathLine.

Property Documentation

control1X : real

control1Y : real

Defines the position of the first control point.

control2X : real

control2Y : real

Defines the position of the second control point.

x : real

y : real

Defines the end point of the curve.