Setting Up Toolchains

Open a build shell (on Windows open an MSVC command prompt, on other platforms you can usually open the default shell):

qbs setup-toolchains --detect

The tool chain detector automatically sets up a profile for each detected tool chain. You can list the existing profiles by running:

qbs config --list profiles

Now you should be ready to build your first project with Qbs. Go into examples/helloworld-minimal and type:

qbs profile:<profile name>

If you want to build projects that use Qt, additional steps are necessary. Please refer to Managing Qt Versions for more information.

Managing Settings

You can use the config command to manage Qbs settings, such as preferences and profiles from the command line or the config-ui command to open the Qbs Settings application where you can manage the settings in a hierarchical view.

Qbs Settings displays the keys in the specified settings directory and their values. To expand all keys, select View > Expand All (Ctrl+E or Cmd+E on macOS). To collapse all keys, select Collapse All (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C).

To change the value of a key, double-click it and enter the new value.

To save your changes, select File > Save.

To refresh the settings from the settings directory, select File > Reload.

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