TextFile Service

The TextFile service allows you to read from and write into text files.


enum TextFile.OpenMode { ReadOnly, WriteOnly, ReadWrite, Append }

List of modes that a file may be opened in.

The OpenMode values can be combined with the bitwise or operator.

Available operations


TextFile(filePath: string, openMode: OpenMode = TextFile.ReadOnly)

Opens the file at filePath in the given mode and returns the object representing the file.

Note: The mode influences which of the operations listed below can actually be used on the file.


atEof(): boolean

Returns true if no more data can be read from the file, false otherwise.


close(): void

Closes the file. It is recommended to always call this function as soon as you are finished with the file, in order to keep the number of in-flight file descriptors as low as possible.


filePath(): string

The absolute path of the file represented by this object.


readAll(): string

Reads all data from the file and returns it.


readLine(): string

Reads one line of text from the file and returns it. The returned string does not contain the newline characters.


setCodec(codec: string): void

Sets the text codec to codec. The supported codecs are the same as for QTextCodec, for example: "UTF-8", "UTF-16", and "ISO 8859-1".


truncate(): void

Truncates the file, that is, gives it the size of zero, removing all content.


write(data: string): void

Writes data into the file at the current position.


writeLine(data: string): void

Writes data into the file at the current position and appends the newline character(s).

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