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Detailed Description

Finds macOS frameworks that have the specified file names.

By default, FrameworkProbe searches for frameworks in ~/Library/Frameworks, /usr/local/lib, /Library/Frameworks, and in /System/Library/Frameworks.

Also, if qbs.sysroot is specified (for example, when compiling using XCode SDK), the probe searches in the sysroot/System/Library/Frameworks folder first.

For example, a simple FrameworkProbe that searches for the Foundation framework can be used as follows:

import qbs.Probes
Product {
    Depends { name: "cpp"; }
    Probes.FrameworkProbe {
        id: foundationProbe
        names: ["Foundation"]
    cpp.frameworkPaths: foundationProbe.found ? [foundationProbe.path] : []

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