New Classes and Functions in Qt 5.2

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.2. Links to new APIs in previous Qt 5 releases are found at the bottom of this page.

New Namespaces

namespace QBluetooth
namespace QtMac

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QDir:

QDir &operator=(QDir &&other)

Class QFileInfo:

bool exists(const QString &file)
QFileInfo &operator=(QFileInfo &&other)

Class QProcess:

InputChannelMode inputChannelMode() const
QString nullDevice()
void setInputChannelMode(InputChannelMode mode)

Class QUrlQuery:

QUrlQuery &operator=(QUrlQuery &&other)

Class QUrl:

QUrl adjusted(FormattingOptions options) const
QString fileName(ComponentFormattingOptions options = FullyDecoded) const
QUrl fromCFURL(CFURLRef url)
QUrl fromNSURL(const NSURL *url)
bool matches(const QUrl &url, FormattingOptions options) const
QUrl &operator=(QUrl &&other)
CFURLRef toCFURL() const
NSURL *toNSURL() const

Class QPersistentModelIndex:

QPersistentModelIndex &operator=(QPersistentModelIndex &&other)

Class QMetaType:

bool compare(const void *lhs, const void *rhs, int typeId, int *result)
bool convert(const void *from, int fromTypeId, void *to, int toTypeId)
bool debugStream(QDebug &dbg, const void *rhs, int typeId)
bool hasRegisteredComparators()
bool hasRegisteredComparators(int typeId)
bool hasRegisteredConverterFunction()
bool hasRegisteredConverterFunction(int fromTypeId, int toTypeId)
bool hasRegisteredDebugStreamOperator()
bool hasRegisteredDebugStreamOperator(int typeId)
bool registerComparators()
bool registerConverter()
bool registerConverter(MemberFunction function)
bool registerConverter(MemberFunctionOk function)
bool registerConverter(UnaryFunction function)

Class QObject:

QMetaObject::Connection connect(const QObject *sender, PointerToMemberFunction signal, const QObject *context, Functor functor, Qt::ConnectionType type = Qt::AutoConnection)

Class QVariant:

QVariant &operator=(QVariant &&other)

Class QMimeType:

QMimeType &operator=(QMimeType &&other)

Class QThread:

Class QThreadPool:

void clear()

Class QBitArray:

QBitArray &operator=(QBitArray &&other)

Class QByteArray:

QByteArray fromBase64(const QByteArray &base64, Base64Options options)
QByteArray &operator=(QByteArray &&other)
QByteArray toBase64(Base64Options options) const

Class QCommandLineOption:

QCommandLineOption &operator=(QCommandLineOption &&other)

Class QContiguousCache:

QContiguousCache<T> &operator=(QContiguousCache<T> &&other)

Class QEasingCurve:

QEasingCurve &operator=(QEasingCurve &&other)

Class QDateTime:

QDateTime fromMSecsSinceEpoch(qint64 msecs, Qt::TimeSpec spec, int offsetSeconds = 0)
QDateTime fromMSecsSinceEpoch(qint64 msecs, const QTimeZone &timeZone)
bool isDaylightTime() const
int offsetFromUtc() const
void setOffsetFromUtc(int offsetSeconds)
void setTimeZone(const QTimeZone &toZone)
QTimeZone timeZone() const
QString timeZoneAbbreviation() const
QDateTime toOffsetFromUtc(int offsetSeconds) const
QDateTime toTimeZone(const QTimeZone &timeZone) const

Class QHash:

QHash &operator=(QHash &&other)

Class QLinkedList:

QLinkedList<T> &operator=(QLinkedList<T> &&other)

Class QList:

QList &operator=(QList<T> &&other)

Class QPair:

QPair &operator=(const QPair<TT1, TT2> &p)
QPair &operator=(QPair<TT1, TT2> &&p)

Class QMap:

T &first()
const T &first() const
const Key &firstKey() const
T &last()
const T &last() const
const Key &lastKey() const
QMap<Key, T> &operator=(QMap<Key, T> &&other)

Class QRegExp:

QRegExp &operator=(QRegExp &&other)

Class QSharedDataPointer:

QSharedDataPointer<T> &operator=(QSharedDataPointer<T> &&other)

Class QExplicitlySharedDataPointer:

QExplicitlySharedDataPointer<T> &operator=(QExplicitlySharedDataPointer<T> &&other)

Class QString:

QString fromCFString(CFStringRef string)
QString fromNSString(const NSString *string)
QString &operator=(QString &&other)
CFStringRef toCFString() const
NSString *toNSString() const

Class QStringRef:

QStringRef left(int n) const
QStringRef mid(int position, int n = -1) const
QStringRef right(int n) const

Class QVector:

int length() const
QVector<T> &operator=(QVector<T> &&other)
void removeAt(int i)
T takeAt(int i)

Class QIcon:

QIcon &operator=(QIcon &&other)

Class QImage:

QImage &operator=(QImage &&other)

Class QPicture:

QPicture &operator=(QPicture &&other)

Class QPixmap:

QPixmap &operator=(QPixmap &&other)

Class QCursor:

QCursor &operator=(QCursor &&other)

Class QGuiApplication:

Qt::ApplicationState applicationState()
void applicationStateChanged(Qt::ApplicationState state)
void sync()

Class QWheelEvent:

Qt::ScrollPhase phase() const

Class QNativeGestureEvent:

Qt::NativeGestureType gestureType() const
const QPoint globalPos() const
const QPointF &localPos() const
const QPoint pos() const
const QPointF &screenPos() const
qreal value() const
const QPointF &windowPos() const

Class QKeySequence:

QKeySequence &operator=(QKeySequence &&other)

Class QPalette:

QPalette &operator=(QPalette &&other)

Class QPlatformIntegration:

virtual QAbstractEventDispatcher *createEventDispatcher() const = 0
virtual QPlatformSessionManager *createPlatformSessionManager(const QString &id, const QString &key) const
virtual void sync()

Class QPlatformTheme:

virtual QList<QKeySequence> keyBindings(QKeySequence::StandardKey key) const

Class QTouchDevice:

int maximumTouchPoints() const

Class QVector3D:

float &operator[](int i)
float operator[](int i) const

Class QVector2D:

float &operator[](int i)
float operator[](int i) const

Class QVector4D:

float &operator[](int i)
float operator[](int i) const

Class QColor:

QString name(NameFormat format) const

Class QBrush:

QBrush &operator=(QBrush &&other)

Class QPainterPath:

QPainterPath &operator=(QPainterPath &&other)

Class QPen:

QPen &operator=(QPen &&other)

Class QRegion:

QRegion &operator=(QRegion &&other)

Class QAbstractTextDocumentLayout:

void unregisterHandler(int objectType, QObject *component = Q_NULLPTR)

Class QFontDatabase:

QFont systemFont(SystemFont type)

Class QFont:

QFont &operator=(QFont &&other)

Class QFontMetrics:

QFontMetrics &operator=(QFontMetrics &&other)

Class QPlatformFontDatabase:

void registerAliasToFontFamily(const QString &familyName, const QString &alias)

Class QNetworkAccessManager:

void connectToHost(const QString &hostName, quint16 port = 80)
void connectToHostEncrypted(const QString &hostName, quint16 port = 443, const QSslConfiguration &sslConfiguration = QSslConfiguration::defaultConfiguration())
QStringList supportedSchemes() const
QStringList supportedSchemesImplementation() const

Class QNetworkConfiguration:

BearerType bearerTypeFamily() const

Class QSslConfiguration:

QByteArray sessionTicket() const
int sessionTicketLifeTimeHint() const
void setSessionTicket(const QByteArray &sessionTicket)

Class QFileDialog:

void currentUrlChanged(const QUrl &url)
QUrl directoryUrl() const
void directoryUrlEntered(const QUrl &directory)
QUrl getExistingDirectoryUrl(QWidget *parent = Q_NULLPTR, const QString &caption = QString(), const QUrl &dir = QUrl(), Options options = ShowDirsOnly, const QStringList &supportedSchemes = QStringList())
QUrl getOpenFileUrl(QWidget *parent = Q_NULLPTR, const QString &caption = QString(), const QUrl &dir = QUrl(), const QString &filter = QString(), QString *selectedFilter = Q_NULLPTR, Options options = Options(), const QStringList &supportedSchemes = QStringList())
QList<QUrl> getOpenFileUrls(QWidget *parent = Q_NULLPTR, const QString &caption = QString(), const QUrl &dir = QUrl(), const QString &filter = QString(), QString *selectedFilter = Q_NULLPTR, Options options = Options(), const QStringList &supportedSchemes = QStringList())
QUrl getSaveFileUrl(QWidget *parent = Q_NULLPTR, const QString &caption = QString(), const QUrl &dir = QUrl(), const QString &filter = QString(), QString *selectedFilter = Q_NULLPTR, Options options = Options(), const QStringList &supportedSchemes = QStringList())
QStringList mimeTypeFilters() const
void selectMimeTypeFilter(const QString &filter)
void selectUrl(const QUrl &url)
QList<QUrl> selectedUrls() const
void setDirectoryUrl(const QUrl &directory)
void setMimeTypeFilters(const QStringList &filters)
void urlSelected(const QUrl &url)
void urlsSelected(const QList<QUrl> &urls)

Class QInputDialog:

QString getMultiLineText(QWidget *parent, const QString &title, const QString &label, const QString &text = QString(), bool *ok = Q_NULLPTR, Qt::WindowFlags flags = Qt::WindowFlags(), Qt::InputMethodHints inputMethodHints = Qt::ImhNone)

Class QMessageBox:

QCheckBox *checkBox() const
void setCheckBox(QCheckBox *cb)

Class QAbstractItemView:

virtual QSize viewportSizeHint() const

Class QFileIconProvider:

Options options() const
void setOptions(Options options)

Class QHeaderView:

int resizeContentsPrecision() const
void setResizeContentsPrecision(int precision)

Class QListView:

virtual QSize viewportSizeHint() const

Class QTreeView:

void setTreePosition(int index)
int treePosition() const

Class QLayout:

QLayoutItem *replaceWidget(QWidget *from, QWidget *to, Qt::FindChildOptions options = Qt::FindChildrenRecursively)

Class QSizePolicy:

bool retainSizeWhenHidden() const
void setRetainSizeWhenHidden(bool retainSize)

Class QToolTip:

void showText(const QPoint &pos, const QString &text, QWidget *w, const QRect &rect, int msecDisplayTime)

Class QWidget:

void windowIconChanged(const QIcon &icon)
void windowTitleChanged(const QString &title)

Class QAbstractScrollArea:

virtual QSize viewportSizeHint() const

Class QButtonGroup:

void buttonToggled(QAbstractButton *button, bool checked)
void buttonToggled(int id, bool checked)

Class QLineEdit:

void addAction(QAction *action, ActionPosition position)
QAction *addAction(const QIcon &icon, ActionPosition position)

Class QMainWindow:

QWidget *takeCentralWidget()

Class QMenu:

void setAsDockMenu()
NSMenu *toNSMenu()

Class QMenuBar:

NSMenu *toNSMenu()

Class QSplashScreen:

QString message() const

Class QTabBar:

void tabBarClicked(int index)
void tabBarDoubleClicked(int index)

Class QTabWidget:

void tabBarClicked(int index)
void tabBarDoubleClicked(int index)

Class QQuickWindow:

Class QSerialPort:

Handle handle() const

Class QPressureReading:

void setTemperature(qreal temperature)

Class QX11Info:

unsigned long getTimestamp()
bool isPlatformX11()

New Functions in Namespaces

QColor colorizationColor(bool *opaqueBlend = Q_NULLPTR)
HBITMAP createMask(const QBitmap &bitmap)
void disableBlurBehindWindow(QWidget *window)
void disableBlurBehindWindow(QWindow *window)
void enableBlurBehindWindow(QWidget *window)
void enableBlurBehindWindow(QWidget *window, const QRegion &region)
void enableBlurBehindWindow(QWindow *window)
void enableBlurBehindWindow(QWindow *window, const QRegion &region)
QString errorStringFromHresult(HRESULT hresult)
void extendFrameIntoClientArea(QWidget *window, int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
void extendFrameIntoClientArea(QWidget *window, const QMargins &margins)
void extendFrameIntoClientArea(QWindow *window, const QMargins &margins)
void extendFrameIntoClientArea(QWindow *window, int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
QPixmap fromHBITMAP(HBITMAP bitmap, HBitmapFormat format = HBitmapNoAlpha)
QPixmap fromHICON(HICON icon)
QRegion fromHRGN(HRGN hrgn)
QImage imageFromHBITMAP(HDC hdc, HBITMAP bitmap, int width, int height)
bool isCompositionEnabled()
bool isCompositionOpaque()
bool isWindowExcludedFromPeek(QWidget *window)
bool isWindowExcludedFromPeek(QWindow *window)
bool isWindowPeekDisallowed(QWidget *window)
bool isWindowPeekDisallowed(QWindow *window)
void markFullscreenWindow(QWidget *window, bool fullscreen = true)
void markFullscreenWindow(QWindow *window, bool fullscreen = true)
QColor realColorizationColor()
void resetExtendedFrame(QWidget *window)
void resetExtendedFrame(QWindow *window)
void setCompositionEnabled(bool enabled)
void setCurrentProcessExplicitAppUserModelID(const QString &id)
void setWindowDisallowPeek(QWidget *window, bool disallow)
void setWindowDisallowPeek(QWindow *window, bool disallow)
void setWindowExcludedFromPeek(QWidget *window, bool exclude)
void setWindowExcludedFromPeek(QWindow *window, bool exclude)
void setWindowFlip3DPolicy(QWidget *window, WindowFlip3DPolicy policy)
void setWindowFlip3DPolicy(QWindow *window, WindowFlip3DPolicy policy)
QString stringFromHresult(HRESULT hresult)
void taskbarActivateTab(QWidget *window)
void taskbarActivateTab(QWindow *window)
void taskbarActivateTabAlt(QWidget *window)
void taskbarActivateTabAlt(QWindow *window)
void taskbarAddTab(QWidget *window)
void taskbarAddTab(QWindow *window)
void taskbarDeleteTab(QWidget *window)
void taskbarDeleteTab(QWindow *window)
HBITMAP toHBITMAP(const QPixmap &p, HBitmapFormat format = HBitmapNoAlpha)
HICON toHICON(const QPixmap &p)
HRGN toHRGN(const QRegion &region)
WindowFlip3DPolicy windowFlip3DPolicy(QWidget *window)
WindowFlip3DPolicy windowFlip3DPolicy(QWindow *window)

New Global Functions

quint64 qFloatDistance(double a, double b)
quint32 qFloatDistance(float a, float b)
uint qPopulationCount(quint64 v)
uint qPopulationCount(quint16 v)
uint qPopulationCount(quint8 v)
uint qPopulationCount(quint32 v)

New Macros

New Enum Types

enum SizeAdjustPolicy { AdjustIgnored, AdjustToContents, AdjustToContentsOnFirstShow }
enum Base64Option { Base64Encoding, Base64UrlEncoding, KeepTrailingEquals, OmitTrailingEquals }
enum Option { DontUseCustomDirectoryIcons }
enum SystemFont { GeneralFont, FixedFont, TitleFont, SmallestReadableFont }
enum ActionPosition { LeadingPosition, TrailingPosition }
enum InputChannelMode { ManagedInputChannel, ForwardedInputChannel }
enum NativeGestureType { BeginNativeGesture, EndNativeGesture, PanNativeGesture, ZoomNativeGesture, ..., SwipeNativeGesture }
enum ScrollPhase { NoScrollPhase, ScrollBegin, ScrollUpdate, ScrollEnd }
enum HBitmapFormat { HBitmapNoAlpha, HBitmapPremultipliedAlpha, HBitmapAlpha }
enum WindowFlip3DPolicy { FlipDefault, FlipExcludeAbove, FlipExcludeBelow }

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Signals

linkHovered(string link)
linkHovered(string link)

New QML Methods

string getDataAsString(string format)
bool matches(StandardKey key)
void append(string text)

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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