New Classes and Functions in Qt 5.7

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.7. Links to new APIs in previous Qt 5 releases are found at the bottom of this page.

New Classes

AddressInfo (QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters)
QAbstractActionInput (Qt3DInput)
QAction (Qt3DInput)
QActionInput (Qt3DInput)
QAnalogAxisInput (Qt3DInput)
QAxis (Qt3DInput)
QAbstractFunctor (Qt3DRender)
QAlphaCoverage (Qt3DRender)
QAlphaTest (Qt3DRender)
QButtonAxisInput (Qt3DInput)
QBlendEquation (Qt3DRender)
QConeGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QCuboidGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QCylinderGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QClearBuffers (Qt3DRender)
QColorMask (Qt3DRender)
QComputeCommand (Qt3DRender)
QCullFace (Qt3DRender)
QDiffuseMapMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QDiffuseSpecularMapMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QDepthTest (Qt3DRender)
QDirectionalLight (Qt3DRender)
QDispatchCompute (Qt3DRender)
QDithering (Qt3DRender)
QEffect (Qt3DRender)
QFirstPersonCameraController (Qt3DExtras)
QForwardRenderer (Qt3DExtras)
QFrontFace (Qt3DRender)
QFrustumCulling (Qt3DRender)
QGoochMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QGeometry (Qt3DRender)
QGeometryRenderer (Qt3DRender)
QInputChord (Qt3DInput)
QInputSequence (Qt3DInput)
QInputSettings (Qt3DInput)
QLogicAspect (Qt3DLogic)
QMorphPhongMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QMultiSampleAntiAliasing (Qt3DRender)
QNodeCreatedChange (Qt3DCore)
QNodeDestroyedChange (Qt3DCore)
QNormalDiffuseMapAlphaMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QNormalDiffuseMapMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QNormalDiffuseSpecularMapMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QNoDepthMask (Qt3DRender)
QOrbitCameraController (Qt3DExtras)
QPerVertexColorMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QPhongAlphaMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QPhongMaterial (Qt3DExtras)
QPlaneGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QPickEvent (Qt3DRender)
QPickTriangleEvent (Qt3DRender)
QPickingSettings (Qt3DRender)
QPointSize (Qt3DRender)
QPolygonOffset (Qt3DRender)
QRenderAspect (Qt3DRender)
QRenderPass (Qt3DRender)
QRenderPassFilter (Qt3DRender)
QRenderSettings (Qt3DRender)
QRenderState (Qt3DRender)
QRenderSurfaceSelector (Qt3DRender)
QRenderTarget (Qt3DRender)
QRenderTargetOutput (Qt3DRender)
QRenderTargetSelector (Qt3DRender)
QStaticPropertyUpdatedChangeBase (Qt3DCore)
QStaticPropertyValueAddedChangeBase (Qt3DCore)
QStaticPropertyValueRemovedChangeBase (Qt3DCore)
QSphereGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QSceneLoader (Qt3DRender)
QScissorTest (Qt3DRender)
QSeamlessCubemap (Qt3DRender)
QSortPolicy (Qt3DRender)
QStencilMask (Qt3DRender)
QStencilOperation (Qt3DRender)
QStencilOperationArguments (Qt3DRender)
QStencilTest (Qt3DRender)
QStencilTestArguments (Qt3DRender)
QTorusGeometry (Qt3DExtras)
QTechnique (Qt3DRender)
QTechniqueFilter (Qt3DRender)
QTextureData (Qt3DRender)
QTextureImageDataGenerator (Qt3DRender)
QViewport (Qt3DRender)

New Member Functions

Class QUtf8:

QChar *convertToUnicode(QChar *buffer, const char *chars, int len)

Class QFlags:

QFlags &setFlag(Enum flag, bool on = true)

Class QAndroidJniObject:

QAndroidJniObject fromLocalRef(jobject localRef)

Class QDataStream:

Class QIODevice:

void channelBytesWritten(int channel, qint64 bytes)
void channelReadyRead(int channel)
void commitTransaction()
int currentReadChannel() const
int currentWriteChannel() const
bool isTransactionStarted() const
int readChannelCount() const
void rollbackTransaction()
void setCurrentReadChannel(int channel)
void setCurrentWriteChannel(int channel)
void startTransaction()
int writeChannelCount() const

Class QProcess:

CreateProcessArgumentModifier createProcessArgumentsModifier() const
void setCreateProcessArgumentsModifier(CreateProcessArgumentModifier modifier)

Class QJsonObject:

const_iterator constFind(QLatin1String key) const
bool contains(QLatin1String key) const
iterator find(QLatin1String key)
const_iterator find(QLatin1String key) const
QJsonValue operator[](QLatin1String key) const
QJsonValueRef operator[](QLatin1String key)
QJsonValue value(QLatin1String key) const

Class QMetaObject:

bool inherits(const QMetaObject *metaObject) const

Class QUuid:

QUuid fromCFUUID(CFUUIDRef uuid)
QUuid fromNSUUID(const NSUUID *uuid)
CFUUIDRef toCFUUID() const
NSUUID *toNSUUID() const

Class QBasicMutex:

bool isRecursive() const

Class QMutex:

bool isRecursive() const

Class QByteArray:

QByteArray &append(int count, char ch)
QByteArray &insert(int i, int count, char ch)
QByteArray &prepend(int count, char ch)

Class QHash:

QPair<iterator, iterator> equal_range(const Key &key)
QPair<const_iterator, const_iterator> equal_range(const Key &key) const
iterator erase(const_iterator pos)

Class QLocale:

QString toCurrencyString(double value, const QString &symbol, int precision) const

Class QRect:

QRect transposed() const

Class QRectF:

QRectF transposed() const

Class QSet:

iterator erase(const_iterator pos)

Class QString:

void resize(int size, QChar fillChar)

Class QStringRef:

const_reverse_iterator crbegin() const
const_reverse_iterator crend() const
QChar operator[](int position) const
const_reverse_iterator rbegin() const
const_reverse_iterator rend() const

Class QIconEngine:

bool isNull() const

Class Key:

bool isValid() const

Class QDrag:

void cancel()

Class QWheelEvent:

bool inverted() const

Class QPlatformDrag:

virtual void cancelDrag()

Class QPlatformIntegration:

virtual void beep() const

Class QOpenGLFramebufferObject:

void blitFramebuffer(QOpenGLFramebufferObject *target, const QRect &targetRect, QOpenGLFramebufferObject *source, const QRect &sourceRect, GLbitfield buffers, GLenum filter, int readColorAttachmentIndex, int drawColorAttachmentIndex, FramebufferRestorePolicy restorePolicy)

Class QNetworkInterface:

int interfaceIndexFromName(const QString &name)
QString interfaceNameFromIndex(int index)

Class QSslConfiguration:

QSslKey ephemeralServerKey() const

Class QWindowsWindowFunctions:

void setWindowActivationBehavior(WindowActivationBehavior behavior)
const QByteArray setWindowActivationBehaviorIdentifier()

Class QMenu:

void showTearOffMenu()
void showTearOffMenu(const QPoint &pos)

Class QBluetoothUuid:

bool operator!=(const QBluetoothUuid &other) const

Class QLowEnergyController:

QLowEnergyService *addService(const QLowEnergyServiceData &service, QObject *parent = nullptr)
void connectionUpdated(const QLowEnergyConnectionParameters &newParameters)
QLowEnergyController *createCentral(const QBluetoothDeviceInfo &remoteDevice, QObject *parent = nullptr)
QLowEnergyController *createPeripheral(QObject *parent = nullptr)
void requestConnectionUpdate(const QLowEnergyConnectionParameters &parameters)
Role role() const
void startAdvertising(const QLowEnergyAdvertisingParameters &parameters, const QLowEnergyAdvertisingData &advertisingData, const QLowEnergyAdvertisingData &scanResponseData = QLowEnergyAdvertisingData())
void stopAdvertising()

Class QQmlDebuggingEnabler:

bool startDebugConnector(const QString &pluginName, const QVariantHash &configuration = QVariantHash())

Class QQmlFileSelector:

QFileSelector *selector() const

Class QQuickItem:

bool isAncestorOf(const QQuickItem *child) const
QPointF mapFromGlobal(const QPointF &point) const
QPointF mapToGlobal(const QPointF &point) const

Class QMediaPlaylist:

bool moveMedia(int from, int to)

Class QMediaPlaylistProvider:

virtual bool moveMedia(int from, int to)

Class QModbusRtuSerialMaster:

int interFrameDelay() const
void setInterFrameDelay(int microseconds)

Class QQuickWebEngineProfile:

Class QWebEngineDownloadItem:

SavePageFormat savePageFormat() const
void setSavePageFormat(SavePageFormat format)

Class QWebEnginePage:

void audioMutedChanged(bool muted)
const QWebEngineContextMenuData &contextMenuData() const
void iconChanged(const QIcon &icon)
void printToPdf(const QString &filePath, const QPageLayout &pageLayout = QPageLayout( QPageSize( QPageSize::A4 ), QPageLayout::Portrait, QMarginsF() ))
void printToPdf(FunctorOrLambda resultCallback, const QPageLayout &pageLayout = QPageLayout( QPageSize( QPageSize::A4 ), QPageLayout::Portrait, QMarginsF() ))
void recentlyAudibleChanged(bool recentlyAudible)
void runJavaScript(const QString &scriptSource, quint32 worldId)
void runJavaScript(const QString &scriptSource, quint32 worldId, FunctorOrLambda resultCallback)
void setWebChannel(QWebChannel *channel, uint worldId)

Class QWebEngineProfile:

Class QWebEngineView:

void iconChanged(const QIcon &icon)

Class QX11Info:

bool isCompositingManagerRunning(int screen = -1)

New Functions in Namespaces

QAndroidJniObject androidService()
void hideSplashScreen()
void runOnAndroidThread(const Runnable &runnable)
void runOnAndroidThreadSync(const Runnable &runnable, int timeoutMs = INT_MAX)

New Global Functions

QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QSharedPointer<T> &ptr)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug stream, const std::multimap<Key, T, Compare, Alloc> &map)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug stream, const std::map<Key, T, Compare, Alloc> &map)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug stream, const std::list<T, Alloc> &list)
QDebug operator<<(QDebug stream, const std::vector<T, Alloc> &vector)
std::add_const<T>::type &qAsConst(T &t)
auto qConstOverload(T memberFunctionPointer)
uint qHash(const std::pair<T1, T2> &key, uint seed = 0)
auto qNonConstOverload(T memberFunctionPointer)
auto qOverload(T functionPointer)

New Macros

const wchar_t *qUtf16Printable(const QString &str)

New Enum Types

enum AttAccessConstraint { AttAuthorizationRequired, AttAuthenticationRequired, AttEncryptionRequired }
enum FloatingPointPrecisionOption { FloatingPointShortest }
enum Role { CentralRole, PeripheralRole }
enum FramebufferRestorePolicy { DontRestoreFramebufferBinding, RestoreFramebufferBindingToDefault, RestoreFrameBufferBinding }
enum SavePageFormat { UnknownSaveFormat, SingleHtmlSaveFormat, CompleteHtmlSaveFormat, MimeHtmlSaveFormat }
enum WindowActivationBehavior { DefaultActivateWindow, AlwaysActivateWindow }

New Typedefs

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Methods

object mapFromGlobal(real x, real y)
object mapToGlobal(real x, real y)
bool addItems(sources)
bool insertItems(index, sources)
bool moveItem(from, to)
bool removeItems(int start, int end)

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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