Qt WebEngine Core C++ Classes

Provides public API shared by both QtWebEngine and QtWebEngineWidgets More...

This module was introduced in Qt 5.6.



Access to Chromium's cookies


Holds a request to be sent with WebEngine


Information about URL requests


Abstract base class for URL interception


Represents a custom URL request


Base class for handling custom URL schemes

Detailed Description

To include the definitions of the module's classes, use the following directive:

#include <QtWebEngineCore>

If you use qmake to build your projects, Qt WebEngine Core is usually indirectly included through the Qt WebEngine or Qt WebEngine Widgets modules.

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake project file:

QT += webenginecore

However, webenginecore is implied by adding webengine or webenginewidgets.

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