New Classes and Functions in Qt 5.10

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 5.10. Links to new APIs in previous Qt 5 releases are found at the bottom of this page.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QTextCodec:

canEncode(QStringView s) const
fromUnicode(QStringView str) const

Class QTextEncoder:

fromUnicode(QStringView str)

Class QAbstractFileEngine:

virtual cloneTo(QAbstractFileEngine *target)
virtual setFileTime(const QDateTime &newDate, QAbstractFileEngine::FileTime time)

Class QDebug:

operator<<(QStringView s)

Class QFileDevice:

fileTime(QFileDevice::FileTime time) const
setFileTime(const QDateTime &newDate, QFileDevice::FileTime fileTime)

Class QFileInfo:

birthTime() const
fileTime(QFile::FileTime time) const
metadataChangeTime() const

Class QIODevice:

skip(qint64 maxSize)

Class QProcess:

startDetached(qint64 *pid)

Class QByteArray:

back() const
chopped(int len) const
front() const

Class QHash:

Class QJsonArray:

operator=(QJsonArray &&other)
swap(QJsonArray &other)

Class QJsonDocument:

operator=(QJsonDocument &&other)
operator[](QLatin1String key) const
operator[](const QString &key) const
operator[](int i) const
swap(QJsonDocument &other)

Class QJsonObject:

operator=(QJsonObject &&other)
swap(QJsonObject &other)

Class QJsonValue:

operator=(QJsonValue &&other)
operator[](QLatin1String key) const
operator[](const QString &key) const
operator[](int i) const
swap(QJsonValue &other)

Class QLatin1String:

back() const
begin() const
cbegin() const
cend() const
chop(int length)
chopped(int length) const
crbegin() const
crend() const
end() const
front() const
isEmpty() const
isNull() const
rbegin() const
rend() const
trimmed() const
truncate(int length)

Class QLocale:

formattedDataSize(qint64 bytes, int precision, QLocale::DataSizeFormats format)
toDouble(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toFloat(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toInt(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toLongLong(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toShort(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toString(const QDate &date, QStringView format) const
toString(const QDateTime &dateTime, QStringView format) const
toString(const QTime &time, QStringView format) const
toUInt(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toULongLong(QStringView s, bool *ok) const
toUShort(QStringView s, bool *ok) const

Class QMap:

Class QMetaObject:

invokeMethod(QObject *context, Functor function, FunctorReturnType *ret)
invokeMethod(QObject *context, Functor function, Qt::ConnectionType type, FunctorReturnType *ret)

Class QRegularExpressionMatch:

captured(QStringView name) const
capturedEnd(QStringView name) const
capturedLength(QStringView name) const
capturedRef(QStringView name) const
capturedStart(QStringView name) const
capturedView(QStringView name) const
capturedView(int nth) const

Class QSettings:

Class QString:

arg(QLatin1String a, int fieldWidth, QChar fillChar) const
arg(QStringView a, int fieldWidth, QChar fillChar) const
back() const
chopped(int len) const
endsWith(QStringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const
front() const
startsWith(QStringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QStringList:

contains(QLatin1String str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QStringRef:

back() const
chopped(int len) const
endsWith(QStringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const
front() const
startsWith(QStringView str, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QThread:

create(Function &&f)
create(Function &&f, Args &&... args)

Class QVarLengthArray:

Class QUuid:

fromString(QLatin1String text)
fromString(QStringView text)

Class QVector:

Class QVersionNumber:

fromString(QLatin1String string, int *suffixIndex)
fromString(QStringView string, int *suffixIndex)

Class QImage:

sizeInBytes() const

Class QNativeGestureEvent:

device() const

Class QGuiApplication:

screenAt(const QPoint &point)

Class QColor:

isValidColor(QStringView name)
setNamedColor(QStringView name)

Class QSurfaceFormat:

colorSpace() const
setColorSpace(QSurfaceFormat::ColorSpace colorSpace)

Class QWindow:

setWindowStates(Qt::WindowStates state)
windowStates() const

Class QPdfWriter:

pdfVersion() const
setPdfVersion(QPagedPaintDevice::PdfVersion version)

Class QPolygonF:

intersects(const QPolygonF &p) const

Class QPolygon:

intersects(const QPolygon &p) const

Class QTextOption:

setTabStopDistance(qreal tabStopDistance)
tabStopDistance() const

Class QPlatformCursor:

virtual clearOverrideCursor()
virtual setOverrideCursor(const QCursor &)

Class QPlatformIntegration:

virtual createPlatformVulkanInstance(QVulkanInstance *instance) const

Class QHostInfo:

operator=(QHostInfo &&other)
swap(QHostInfo &other)

Class QLocalServer:

Class QNetworkAccessManager:

enableStrictTransportSecurityStore(bool enabled, const QString &storeDir)
isStrictTransportSecurityStoreEnabled() const

Class QGeoPath:

size() const

Class QGeoPolygon:

size() const

Class QPrinter:

pdfVersion() const
setPdfVersion(QPagedPaintDevice::PdfVersion version)

Class QQmlEngine:

Class QQuickItem:

acceptTouchEvents() const
setAcceptTouchEvents(bool enabled)
setSize(const QSizeF &size)
size() const

Class QQuickWindow:

setTextRenderType(QQuickWindow::TextRenderType renderType)

Class QCanBusFrame:

hasLocalEcho() const
setLocalEcho(bool echo)

Class QSqlError:

operator=(QSqlError &&other)
swap(QSqlError &other)

Class QSqlQueryModel:

virtual roleNames() const override

Class QAbstractItemView:

isPersistentEditorOpen(const QModelIndex &index) const

Class QLineEdit:

selectionEnd() const
selectionLength() const

Class QListWidget:

isPersistentEditorOpen(QListWidgetItem *item) const

Class QOpenGLWidget:

setTextureFormat(GLenum texFormat)
textureFormat() const

Class QTableWidget:

isPersistentEditorOpen(QTableWidgetItem *item) const

Class QTreeWidget:

isPersistentEditorOpen(QTreeWidgetItem *item, int column) const

Class QX11Info:

peekEventQueue(QX11Info::PeekerCallback peeker, void *peekerData, QX11Info::PeekOptions option, qint32 peekerId)
removePeekerId(qint32 peekerId)

Class QAbstractOAuth2:

virtual post(const QUrl &url, QHttpMultiPart *multiPart)
virtual post(const QUrl &url, const QByteArray &data)
virtual put(const QUrl &url, QHttpMultiPart *multiPart)
virtual put(const QUrl &url, const QByteArray &data)

New Functions in Namespaces

bindService(const QAndroidIntent &serviceIntent, const QAndroidServiceConnection &serviceConnection, QtAndroid::BindFlags flags)
checkPermission(const QString &permission)
hideSplashScreen(int duration)
keySequence(QWindow *window, const QKeySequence &keySequence)
keySequence(QWidget *widget, const QKeySequence &keySequence)
qWaitFor(Functor predicate, int timeout)
requestPermissions(const QStringList &permissions, const QtAndroid::PermissionResultCallback &callbackFunc)
requestPermissionsSync(const QStringList &permissions, int timeoutMs)
shouldShowRequestPermissionRationale(const QString &permission)

New Global Functions

operator!=(const QVulkanLayer &lhs, const QVulkanLayer &rhs)
operator!=(const QVulkanExtension &lhs, const QVulkanExtension &rhs)
operator!=(const QCursor &lhs, const QCursor &rhs)
operator==(const QVulkanLayer &lhs, const QVulkanLayer &rhs)
operator==(const QVulkanExtension &lhs, const QVulkanExtension &rhs)
operator==(const QCursor &lhs, const QCursor &rhs)
qHash(const QVulkanLayer &key, uint seed)
qHash(const QVulkanExtension &key, uint seed)
qHash(QStringView key, uint seed)

New Enum Types

enum FileTime { FileAccessTime, FileBirthTime, FileMetadataChangeTime, FileModificationTime }
enum DataSizeFormat { DataSizeBase1000, DataSizeSIQuantifiers, DataSizeIecFormat, DataSizeTraditionalFormat, DataSizeSIFormat }
enum Capability { OverrideCursor }
enum TextRenderType { QtTextRendering, NativeTextRendering }
enum Flag { NoDebugOutputRedirect }
enum PeekOption { PeekDefault, PeekFromCachedIndex }
enum BindFlag { None, AutoCreate, DebugUnbind, NotForeground, ..., ExternalService }
enum PermissionResult { Granted, Denied }

New Typedefs

typedef const_key_value_iterator
typedef key_value_iterator
typedef const_iterator
typedef const_reverse_iterator
typedef difference_type
typedef iterator
typedef reference
typedef reverse_iterator
typedef size_type
typedef value_type
typedef const_key_value_iterator
typedef key_value_iterator
typedef PeekerCallback
typedef qint16_be
typedef qint16_le
typedef qint32_be
typedef qint32_le
typedef qint64_be
typedef qint64_le
typedef qsizetype
typedef quint16_be
typedef quint16_le
typedef quint32_be
typedef quint32_le
typedef quint64_be
typedef quint64_le

New Properties

New QML Types

New QML Properties

New QML Methods

Additions to Other Qt 5 Releases

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