QBluetooth Namespace

The QBluetooth namespace provides classes and functions related to Bluetooth. More...

Header: #include <QBluetooth>
qmake: QT += bluetooth
Since: Qt 5.2


enum AttAccessConstraint { AttAuthorizationRequired, AttAuthenticationRequired, AttEncryptionRequired }
flags AttAccessConstraints
typedef QLowEnergyHandle
enum Security { NoSecurity, Authorization, Authentication, Encryption, Secure }
flags SecurityFlags


QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, SecurityFlags::enum_type f2)
QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> f2)
QIncompatibleFlag operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, int f2)
QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f2)
QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> f2)
QIncompatibleFlag operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, int f2)
int operator|(int, int)

Detailed Description

The QBluetooth namespace provides classes and functions related to Bluetooth.

Type Documentation

enum QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraint
flags QBluetooth::AttAccessConstraints

This enum describes the possible requirements for reading or writing an ATT attribute.

QBluetooth::AttAuthorizationRequired0x1The client needs authorization from the ATT server to access the attribute.
QBluetooth::AttAuthenticationRequired0x2The client needs to be authenticated to access the attribute.
QBluetooth::AttEncryptionRequired0x4The attribute can only be accessed if the connection is encrypted.

This enum was introduced or modified in Qt 5.7.

The AttAccessConstraints type is a typedef for QFlags<AttAccessConstraint>. It stores an OR combination of AttAccessConstraint values.

typedef QLowEnergyHandle

Typedef for Bluetooth Low Energy ATT attribute handles.

This typedef was introduced in Qt 5.4.

enum QBluetooth::Security
flags QBluetooth::SecurityFlags

This enum describe the security requirements of a Bluetooth service.

QBluetooth::NoSecurity0x00The service does not require any security.
QBluetooth::Authorization0x01The service requires authorization by the user, unless the device is Authorized-Paired.
QBluetooth::Authentication0x02The service requires authentication. Device must be paired, and the user is prompted on connection unless the device is Authorized-Paired.
QBluetooth::Encryption0x04The service requires the communication link to be encrypted. This requires the device to be paired.
QBluetooth::Secure0x08The service requires the communication link to be secure. Simple Pairing from Bluetooth 2.1 or greater is required. Legacy pairing is not permitted.

The SecurityFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<Security>. It stores an OR combination of Security values.

Function Documentation

QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> QBluetooth::operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, SecurityFlags::enum_type f2)

QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> QBluetooth::operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, QFlags<SecurityFlags::enum_type> f2)

QIncompatibleFlag QBluetooth::operator|(SecurityFlags::enum_type f1, int f2)

QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> QBluetooth::operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f2)

QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> QBluetooth::operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, QFlags<AttAccessConstraints::enum_type> f2)

QIncompatibleFlag QBluetooth::operator|(AttAccessConstraints::enum_type f1, int f2)

int QBluetooth::operator|(int, int)

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