Basic.qml Example File

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import QtQuick 2.10 import QtQuick.Controls 2.3 import QtQuick.VirtualKeyboard 2.1 import "content" Rectangle { width: 1280 height: 720 color: "#F6F6F6" // Only set with CONFIG+=disable-desktop. property bool handwritingInputPanelActive: false Flickable { id: flickable anchors.fill: parent contentWidth: content.width contentHeight: content.height interactive: contentHeight > height flickableDirection: Flickable.VerticalFlick property real scrollMarginVertical: 20 ScrollBar.vertical: ScrollBar {} MouseArea { id: content width: flickable.width height: textEditors.height + 24 onClicked: focus = true Column { id: textEditors spacing: 15 x: 12 y: 12 width: parent.width - 26 Label { color: "#565758" text: "Tap fields to enter text" anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter font.pixelSize: 22 } TextField { width: parent.width placeholderText: "One line field" enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: passwordField.focus = true } TextField { id: passwordField width: parent.width echoMode: TextInput.Password placeholderText: "Password field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhNoAutoUppercase | Qt.ImhPreferLowercase | Qt.ImhSensitiveData | Qt.ImhNoPredictiveText enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: upperCaseField.focus = true } TextField { id: upperCaseField width: parent.width placeholderText: "Upper case field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhUppercaseOnly enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: lowerCaseField.focus = true } TextField { id: lowerCaseField width: parent.width placeholderText: "Lower case field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhLowercaseOnly enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: phoneNumberField.focus = true } TextField { id: phoneNumberField validator: RegExpValidator { regExp: /^[0-9\+\-\#\*\ ]{6,}$/ } width: parent.width placeholderText: "Phone number field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhDialableCharactersOnly enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: formattedNumberField.focus = true } TextField { id: formattedNumberField width: parent.width placeholderText: "Formatted number field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhFormattedNumbersOnly enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: digitsField.focus = true } TextField { id: digitsField width: parent.width placeholderText: "Digits only field" inputMethodHints: Qt.ImhDigitsOnly enterKeyAction: EnterKeyAction.Next onAccepted: textArea.focus = true } TextArea { id: textArea width: parent.width placeholderText: "Multiple line field" height: Math.max(206, implicitHeight) } } } } // Hide the text fields' cursors when fullscreen handwriting is active. MouseArea { anchors.fill: parent visible: handwritingInputPanelActive } }

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