GlassMaterial QML Type

Glass material. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D.Materials 1.15

Detailed Description

The glass material has the following properties:

Property NameProperty TypeDescription
uEnvironmentMappingEnabledboolDoes the material use an environment map. Default is true.
uShadowMappingEnabledboolDoes the material use a baked shadow map. Default is false.
uFresnelPowerrealFresnel power of the material. Default is 1.0.
uMinOpacityrealMinimum opacity of the material. Useful range is [0, 1]. Default is 0.5.
reflectivity_amountrealReflectivity of the material. Range is [0, 1], with 1 being totally reflective. Default is 1.
glass_iorrealIndex of refraction for the material. Sensible range for different types of glass is [1.4, 2.1]. Default is 1.5.
glass_colorvector3dBase color of the material. Default is Qt.vector3d(0.6, 0.6, 0.6).
uEnvironmentTextureTextureInputThe environment texture map. Enabled when uEnvironmentMappingEnabled is true. Default is a Texture with source "maps/spherical_checker.png".
uBakedShadowTextureTextureInputThe baked shadow texture map. Enabled when uShadowMappingEnabled is true. Default is a Texture with source "maps/shadow.png".

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