All C++ APIs per Module

This page lists the C++ APIs in Qt. The All Modules page contains a list of all Qt modules.

Qt 5 Core Compatibility C++ Classes

Contains the Qt 5 Core APIs removed from Qt 6

Qt Android Extras C++ Classes

Qt Android Extras module contains additional functionality for development on Android

Qt Concurrent C++ Classes

Qt Concurrent module contains functionality to support concurrent execution of program code

Qt Core C++ Classes

Provides core non-GUI functionality

Qt D-Bus C++ Classes

Qt D-Bus module is a Unix-only library that you can use to perform Inter-Process Communication using the D-Bus protocol

Qt Designer C++ Classes

Provides classes to create your own custom widget plugins for Qt Designer and classes to access Qt Designer components

Qt GUI C++ Classes

Qt GUI module provides the basic enablers for graphical applications written with Qt

Qt Help C++ Classes

Provides classes for integrating online documentation in applications

Qt Network Authorization C++ Classes

Provides classes for network authorization support (OAuth)

Qt Network C++ Classes

Provides classes to make network programming easier and portable

Qt OpenGL C++ Classes

Qt OpenGL module offers classes that make it easy to use OpenGL in Qt applications

Qt Platform Headers C++ Classes

Qt Platform Headers module offers header-only inline classes that encapsulate platform-specific information that is tied to a given runtime configuration of a platform plugin

Qt Print Support C++ Classes

Qt PrintSupport module provides classes to make printing easier and portable

Qt QML C++ Classes

C++ API provided by the Qt QML module

Qt Quick C++ Classes

Qt Quick module provides classes for embedding Qt Quick in Qt/C++ applications

Qt Quick Controls C++ Classes

Provides classes for setting up the controls from C++

Qt Quick Test C++ API

Provides macros and functions for tests

Qt Quick Widgets C++ Classes

C++ API provided by the Qt Quick Widgets module

Qt SQL C++ Classes

Provides a driver layer, SQL API layer, and a user interface layer for SQL databases

Qt SVG C++ Classes

Qt SVG module provides functionality for handling SVG images

Qt Shader Tools C++ Classes

Qt Test C++ Classes

Provides classes for unit testing Qt applications and libraries

Qt UI Tools C++ Classes

Provides classes to handle forms created with Qt Designer

Qt Virtual Keyboard C++ Classes

Provides classes to implement input methods for virtual keyboards

Qt Wayland Compositor C++ Classes

Provides C++ classes for writing custom Wayland display servers

Qt WebSockets C++ Classes

List of C++ classes that enable WebSocket-based communication

Qt Widgets C++ Classes

Qt Widgets module extends Qt GUI with C++ widget functionality

Qt XML C++ Classes

Qt XML module provides C++ implementations of the SAX and DOM standards for XML

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