FormatRange Struct

Struct FormatRange is declared in class QTextLayout.

The QTextLayout::FormatRange structure is used to apply extra formatting information for a specified area in the text layout's content. More...

Public Variables

QTextCharFormat format
int length
int start
bool operator!=(const QTextLayout::FormatRange &lhs, const QTextLayout::FormatRange &rhs)
bool operator==(const QTextLayout::FormatRange &lhs, const QTextLayout::FormatRange &rhs)

Detailed Description

See also QTextLayout::setFormats() and QTextLayout::draw().

Member Variable Documentation

QTextCharFormat FormatRange::format

Specifies the format to apply.

int FormatRange::length

Specifies the numer of characters the format range spans.

int FormatRange::start

Specifies the beginning of the format range within the text layout's text.

Related Non-Members

bool FormatRange::operator!=(const QTextLayout::FormatRange &lhs, const QTextLayout::FormatRange &rhs)

Returns true if any of the start, length, or format fields in lhs and rhs contain different values respectively.

bool FormatRange::operator==(const QTextLayout::FormatRange &lhs, const QTextLayout::FormatRange &rhs)

Returns true if the start, length, and format fields in lhs and rhs contain the same values respectively.

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