QJSPrimitiveValue Class

The QJSPrimitiveValue class operates on primitive types in JavaScript semantics. More...

Header: #include <QJSPrimitiveValue>
CMake: find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS Qml REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(mytarget PRIVATE Qt6::Qml)
qmake: QT += qml
Since: Qt 6.1

Public Types

enum Type { Undefined, Null, Boolean, Integer, Double, String }

Public Functions

QJSPrimitiveValue(QString value)
QJSPrimitiveValue(double value)
QJSPrimitiveValue(int value)
QJSPrimitiveValue(bool value)
QJSPrimitiveValue(QJSPrimitiveNull null)
QJSPrimitiveValue(QJSPrimitiveUndefined undefined)
bool equals(const QJSPrimitiveValue &other) const
bool strictlyEquals(const QJSPrimitiveValue &other) const
bool toBoolean() const
double toDouble() const
int toInteger() const
QString toString() const
QJSPrimitiveValue::Type type() const

Detailed Description

QJSPrimitiveValue supports most of the primitive types defined in the ECMA-262 standard, in particular Undefined, Boolean, Number, and String. Additionally, you can store a JavaScript null in a QJSPrimitiveValue and as a special case of Number, you can store an integer value.

All those values are stored immediately, without interacting with the JavaScript heap. Therefore, you can pass QJSPrimitiveValues between different JavaScript engines. In contrast to QJSManagedValue, there is also no danger in destroying a QJSPrimitiveValue from a different thread than it was created in. On the flip side, QJSPrimitiveValue does not hold a reference to any JavaScript engine.

QJSPrimitiveValue implements the JavaScript arithmetic and comparison operators on the supported types in JavaScript semantics. Types are coerced like the JavaScript engine would coerce them if the operators were written in a JavaScript expression.

The JavaScript Symbol type is not supported as it is of very limited utility regarding arithmetic and comparison operators, the main purpose of QJSPrimitiveValue. In particular, it causes an exception whenever you try to coerce it to a number or a string, and we cannot throw exceptions without a JavaScript Engine.

Member Type Documentation

enum QJSPrimitiveValue::Type

This enum speicifies the types a QJSPrimitiveValue might contain.

QJSPrimitiveValue::Undefined0The JavaScript Undefined value.
QJSPrimitiveValue::Null1The JavaScript null value. This is in fact not a separate JavaScript type but a special value of the Object type. As it is very common and storable without JavaScript engine, it is still supported.
QJSPrimitiveValue::Boolean2A JavaScript Boolean value.
QJSPrimitiveValue::Integer3An integer. This is a special case of the JavaScript Number type. JavaScript does not have an actual integer type, but the ECMA-262 standard contains rules on how to transform a Number in order to prepare it for certain operators that only make sense on integers, in particular the bit shift operators. QJSPrimitiveValue's Integer type represents the result of such a transformation.
QJSPrimitiveValue::Double4A JavaScript Number value.
QJSPrimitiveValue::String5A JavaScript String value.

Member Function Documentation

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(QString value)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value value and type String.

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(double value)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value value and type Double.

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(int value)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value value and type Integer.

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(bool value)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value value and type Boolean.

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(QJSPrimitiveNull null)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value null and type Null.

QJSPrimitiveValue::QJSPrimitiveValue(QJSPrimitiveUndefined undefined)

Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of value undefined and type Undefined.


Creates a QJSPrimitiveValue of type Undefined.

bool QJSPrimitiveValue::equals(const QJSPrimitiveValue &other) const

Performs the JavaScript '==' operation on this QJSPrimitiveValue and other, and returns the result.

bool QJSPrimitiveValue::strictlyEquals(const QJSPrimitiveValue &other) const

Performs the JavaScript '===' operation on this QJSPrimitiveValue and other, and returns the result.

bool QJSPrimitiveValue::toBoolean() const

Returns the value coerced a boolean by JavaScript rules.

double QJSPrimitiveValue::toDouble() const

Returns the value coerced to a JavaScript Number by JavaScript rules.

int QJSPrimitiveValue::toInteger() const

Returns the value coerced to an integral 32bit number by the rules JavaScript would apply when preparing it for a bit shift operation.

QString QJSPrimitiveValue::toString() const

Returns the value coerced to a JavaScript String by JavaScript rules.

QJSPrimitiveValue::Type QJSPrimitiveValue::type() const

Returns the type of the QJSPrimitiveValue.

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