Geometry QML Type

Base type for custom geometry. More...

Import Statement: import QtQuick3D
Instantiates: QQuick3DGeometry


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Detailed Description

Custom geometry allows using application-generated vertex and index data, that can possibly change dynamically as well. To use custom geometry, do not assign a .mesh file as the source to a Model. Instead, set its geometry property to reference a Geometry object.

A typical way of implementing custom geometry is by creating a QQuick3DGeometry subclass in C++ and registering the new type for use with QML.

It is also possible to use the built-in custom geometry provider GridGeometry in the Helpers module. The following is an example of GridGeometry. Any application-provided Geometry subclass can be taken into use in the same manner.

import QtQuick3D.Helpers

Model {
    geometry: GridGeometry {
    materials: [
        DefaultMaterial {
            diffuseColor: "white"
            lighting: DefaultMaterial.NoLighting

See also Qt Quick 3D - Custom Geometry Example, Model, and QQuick3DGeometry.

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