Extracts metatypes from a Qt target and generates an associated metatypes.json file.

This command was introduced in Qt 6.0.

Note: This command is in technology preview and may change in future releases.


    [MANUAL_MOC_JSON_FILES json_files...]
    [OUTPUT_FILES variable_name]

If versionless commands are disabled, use qt6_extract_metatypes() instead. It supports the same set of arguments as this command.


Certain operations rely on metatype information being generated and collected on targets. This is typically handled internally by Qt commands, but for scenarios where this is not the case, qt_extract_metatypes() can be called to force the collection of this information for a specific target.

Metatype information is generated for a target's source files in one of the following ways:

  • Automatically by AUTOMOC. The qt_extract_metatypes() command detects when AUTOMOC is enabled on the target and will automatically extract the information it needs.
  • Manually by invoking moc with the --output-json option. The project is responsible for keeping track of all the JSON files generated using this method and passing them to qt_extract_metatypes() with the MANUAL_MOC_JSON_FILES option.

qt_extract_metatypes() produces a target-specific metatypes JSON file which collects all the metatype details from the AUTOMOC and manual moc inputs. It does this by calling moc with the --collect-json option. If you need to know where to find the resultant metatypes JSON file (for example, to pass it to another command or to install it), use the OUTPUT_FILES option to provide the name of a variable in which to store its absolute path.

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