New Classes and Functions in Qt 6.1

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 6.1.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QByteArray:

QByteArray::iterator erase(QByteArray::const_iterator first, QByteArray::const_iterator last)
qsizetype erase(QByteArray &ba, const T &t)
qsizetype erase_if(QByteArray &ba, Predicate pred)
QByteArray &removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QColorSpace:

void setTransferFunction(const QList<uint16_t> &transferFunctionTable)
void setTransferFunctions(const QList<uint16_t> &redTransferFunctionTable, const QList<uint16_t> &greenTransferFunctionTable, const QList<uint16_t> &blueTransferFunctionTable)
QColorSpace withTransferFunction(const QList<uint16_t> &transferFunctionTable) const
QColorSpace withTransferFunctions(const QList<uint16_t> &redTransferFunctionTable, const QList<uint16_t> &greenTransferFunctionTable, const QList<uint16_t> &blueTransferFunctionTable) const

Class QFuture:

QFuture<T> onCanceled(QObject *context, Function &&handler)
QFuture<T> onFailed(QObject *context, Function &&handler)
QFuture<ResultType<Function>> then(QObject *context, Function &&function)

Class QHash:

qsizetype erase_if(QHash<Key, T> &hash, Predicate pred)
qsizetype removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QJSEngine:

void throwError(const QJSValue &error)

Class QJSPrimitiveValue:

bool operator!=(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
QJSPrimitiveValue operator*(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
QJSPrimitiveValue operator+(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
QJSPrimitiveValue operator-(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
QJSPrimitiveValue operator/(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
bool operator<(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
bool operator<=(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
bool operator==(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
bool operator>(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)
bool operator>=(const QJSPrimitiveValue &lhs, const QJSPrimitiveValue &rhs)

Class QLabel:

QTextDocument::ResourceProvider resourceProvider() const
void setResourceProvider(const QTextDocument::ResourceProvider &provider)

Class QLayout:

Class QList:

qsizetype erase(QList<T> &list, const AT &t)
qsizetype erase_if(QList<T> &list, Predicate pred)
qsizetype removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QLocale:

QLocale::Script codeToScript(QStringView scriptCode)
QString scriptToCode(QLocale::Script script)

Class QMap:

qsizetype erase_if(QMap<Key, T> &map, Predicate pred)
QMap::size_type removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QMetaType:

Class QMultiHash:

qsizetype erase_if(QMultiHash<Key, T> &hash, Predicate pred)
qsizetype removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QMultiMap:

qsizetype erase_if(QMultiMap<Key, T> &map, Predicate pred)
QMultiMap::size_type removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QSGOpenGLTexture:

QSGTexture *fromNativeExternalOES(GLuint textureId, QQuickWindow *window, const QSize &size, QQuickWindow::CreateTextureOptions options)

Class QNetworkCookie:

QNetworkCookie::SameSite sameSitePolicy() const
void setSameSitePolicy(QNetworkCookie::SameSite sameSite)

Class QOperatingSystemVersion:

QVersionNumber version() const

Class QQmlPropertyMap:

void freeze()
void insert(const QVariantHash &values)

Class QQuickGraphicsConfiguration:

QByteArrayList preferredInstanceExtensions()

Class QSet:

qsizetype erase_if(QSet<T> &set, Predicate pred)
QSet::iterator insert(QSet::const_iterator it, const T &value)
qsizetype removeIf(Pred pred)

Class QSocketNotifier:

bool isValid() const
void setSocket(qintptr socket)

Class QSslSocket:

QString activeBackend()
QList<QString> availableBackends()
QList<QSsl::ImplementedClass> implementedClasses(const QString &backendName)
bool isClassImplemented(QSsl::ImplementedClass cl, const QString &backendName)
bool isFeatureSupported(QSsl::SupportedFeature ft, const QString &backendName)
bool isProtocolSupported(QSsl::SslProtocol protocol, const QString &backendName)
bool setActiveBackend(const QString &backendName)
QList<QSsl::SupportedFeature> supportedFeatures(const QString &backendName)
QList<QSsl::SslProtocol> supportedProtocols(const QString &backendName)

Class QString:

QString::iterator erase(QString::const_iterator first, QString::const_iterator last)
qsizetype erase(QString &s, const T &t)
qsizetype erase_if(QString &s, Predicate pred)
QString fromUtf8(const char8_t *str)
QString &removeIf(Predicate pred)

Class QStringView:

QStringView::const_iterator constBegin() const
QStringView::const_iterator constEnd() const
bool contains(const QRegularExpression &re, QRegularExpressionMatch *rmatch) const
qsizetype count(const QRegularExpression &re) const
qsizetype indexOf(const QRegularExpression &re, qsizetype from, QRegularExpressionMatch *rmatch) const
qsizetype lastIndexOf(const QRegularExpression &re, qsizetype from, QRegularExpressionMatch *rmatch) const

Class QStyle:

QString name() const

Class QTextDocument:

QTextDocument::ResourceProvider defaultResourceProvider()
QTextDocument::ResourceProvider resourceProvider() const
void setDefaultResourceProvider(const QTextDocument::ResourceProvider &provider)
void setResourceProvider(const QTextDocument::ResourceProvider &provider)

Class QUntypedBindable:

bool isReadOnly() const
QUntypedPropertyBinding takeBinding()

Class QVarLengthArray:

qsizetype erase(QVarLengthArray<T, Prealloc> &array, const AT &t)
qsizetype erase_if(QVarLengthArray<T, Prealloc> &array, Predicate pred)
qsizetype removeAll(const AT &t)
qsizetype removeIf(Predicate pred)
bool removeOne(const AT &t)

New Functions in Namespaces

QFuture<T> makeExceptionalFuture(std::exception_ptr exception)
QFuture<T> makeExceptionalFuture(const QException &exception)

New Global Functions

typename std::enable_if_t<std::is_unsigned_v<T> || std::is_signed_v<T>, bool> qAddOverflow(T v1, T v2, T *result)
auto qHypot(Tx x, Ty y, Tz z)
auto qHypot(Tx x, Ty y)
auto qHypot(F first, Fs... rest)
typename std::enable_if_t<std::is_unsigned_v<T> || std::is_signed_v<T>, bool> qMulOverflow(T v1, T v2, T *result)
typename std::enable_if_t<std::is_unsigned_v<T> || std::is_signed_v<T>, bool> qSubOverflow(T v1, T v2, T *result)

New Enum Types

enum class SameSite { Default, None, Lax, Strict }
enum class ImplementedClass { Key, Certificate, Socket, DiffieHellman, EllipticCurve, …, DtlsCookie }
enum class SupportedFeature { CertificateVerification, ClientSideAlpn, ServerSideAlpn, Ocsp, Psk, …, Alerts }

New Type Aliases

New Properties

New Variables

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