New Classes and Functions in Qt 6.3

This page contains a comprehensive list of all new classes and functions introduced in Qt 6.3.

New Classes

New Member Functions

Class QAbstract3DGraph:

bool hasSeries(QAbstract3DSeries *series) const

Class QBluetoothDeviceInfo:

QByteArray serviceData(const QBluetoothUuid &serviceId) const
QMultiHash<QBluetoothUuid, QByteArray> serviceData() const
QList<QBluetoothUuid> serviceIds() const
bool setServiceData(const QBluetoothUuid &serviceId, const QByteArray &data)

Class QByteArray:

bool isValidUtf8() const

Class QByteArrayList:

QByteArray join(QByteArrayView separator) const

Class QByteArrayMatcher:

qsizetype indexIn(QByteArrayView data, qsizetype from) const

Class QByteArrayView:

bool isValidUtf8() const
double toDouble(bool *ok) const
float toFloat(bool *ok) const
int toInt(bool *ok, int base) const
long toLong(bool *ok, int base) const
qlonglong toLongLong(bool *ok, int base) const
short toShort(bool *ok, int base) const
uint toUInt(bool *ok, int base) const
ulong toULong(bool *ok, int base) const
qulonglong toULongLong(bool *ok, int base) const
ushort toUShort(bool *ok, int base) const
QByteArrayView trimmed() const

Class QCborArray:

QCborArray fromJsonArray(QJsonArray &&array)

Class QCborMap:

QCborMap fromJsonObject(QJsonObject &&obj)

Class QCollator:

int defaultCompare(QStringView s1, QStringView s2)
QCollatorSortKey defaultSortKey(QStringView key)

Class QCryptographicHash:

QByteArrayView resultView() const

Class QDebug:

QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QVarLengthArray<T, P> &array)

Class QDir:

bool mkdir(const QString &dirName, QFile::Permissions permissions) const

Class QDirIterator:

QFileInfo nextFileInfo()

Class QDoubleValidator:

virtual void fixup(QString &input) const override

Class QFile:

std::filesystem::path filesystemSymLinkTarget() const
std::filesystem::path filesystemSymLinkTarget(const std::filesystem::path &fileName)
bool open(QIODeviceBase::OpenMode mode, QFileDevice::Permissions permissions)

Class QFontComboBox:

std::optional<QFont> displayFont(const QString &fontFamily) const
QString sampleTextForFont(const QString &fontFamily) const
QString sampleTextForSystem(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem) const
void setDisplayFont(const QString &fontFamily, const QFont &font)
void setSampleTextForFont(const QString &fontFamily, const QString &sampleText)
void setSampleTextForSystem(QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystem, const QString &sampleText)

Class QFontMetrics:

QRect boundingRect(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const
int horizontalAdvance(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const
QRect tightBoundingRect(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const

Class QFontMetricsF:

QRectF boundingRect(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const
qreal horizontalAdvance(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const
QRectF tightBoundingRect(const QString &text, const QTextOption &option) const

Class QInputDevice:

QStringList seatNames()

Class QLatin1StringView:

qsizetype lastIndexOf(QChar ch, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QLocalServer:

int listenBacklogSize() const
void setListenBacklogSize(int size)

Class QLocale:

QLocale::Language codeToLanguage(QStringView languageCode, QLocale::LanguageCodeTypes codeTypes)
QString languageToCode(QLocale::Language language, QLocale::LanguageCodeTypes codeTypes)

Class QEGLContext:

virtual EGLConfig config() const = 0
virtual EGLDisplay display() const = 0

Class QNetworkInformation:

bool loadDefaultBackend()
QNetworkInformation::Features supportedFeatures() const

Class QNetworkReply:

Class QObject:

QList<T> findChildren(Qt::FindChildOptions options) const

Class QOpcUaClient:

QOpcUaHistoryReadResponse *readHistoryData(const QOpcUaHistoryReadRawRequest &request)

Class QOpcUaLocalizedText:

QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QOpcUaLocalizedText &text)

Class QOpcUaNode:

QOpcUaHistoryReadResponse *readHistoryRaw(const QDateTime &startTime, const QDateTime &endTime, quint32 numValues, bool returnBounds)

Class QOpcUaQualifiedName:

QDebug operator<<(QDebug debug, const QOpcUaQualifiedName &name)

Class QProcessEnvironment:

bool inheritsFromParent() const

Class QQuickItem:

void dumpItemTree() const
void ensurePolished()

Class QQuickRenderTarget:

qreal devicePixelRatio() const
void setDevicePixelRatio(qreal ratio)

Class QRegularExpressionMatch:

bool hasCaptured(int nth) const

Class QSemaphore:

bool tryAcquire(int n, std::chrono::duration<Rep, Period> timeout)
bool try_acquire()
bool try_acquire_for(const std::chrono::duration<Rep, Period> &timeout)
bool try_acquire_until(const std::chrono::time_point<Clock, Duration> &tp)

Class QString:

qsizetype lastIndexOf(QChar c, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QStringView:

qsizetype lastIndexOf(QChar c, Qt::CaseSensitivity cs) const

Class QTableWidgetSelectionRange:

bool operator!=(const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &lhs, const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &rhs)
bool operator==(const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &lhs, const QTableWidgetSelectionRange &rhs)

Class QTcpServer:

int listenBacklogSize() const
void setListenBacklogSize(int size)

Class QThreadPool:

void startOnReservedThread(QRunnable *runnable)
void startOnReservedThread(Callable &&callableToRun)

Class QUrl:

QString fromAce(const QByteArray &domain, QUrl::AceProcessingOptions options)
QByteArray toAce(const QString &domain, QUrl::AceProcessingOptions options)

Class QUtf8StringView:

bool isValidUtf8() const

Class QVarLengthArray:

QVarLengthArray::iterator emplace(QVarLengthArray::const_iterator pos, Args &&... args)
T &emplace_back(Args &&... args)

New Functions in Namespaces

void failOnWarning(const char *message)
void failOnWarning(const QRegularExpression &messagePattern)
QFuture<OutputSequence> whenAll(Futures &&... futures)
QFuture<OutputSequence> whenAll(InputIt first, InputIt last)
QFuture<std::variant<std::decay_t<Futures>...>> whenAny(Futures &&... futures)
QFuture<QtFuture::WhenAnyResult<T>> whenAny(InputIt first, InputIt last)

New Global Functions

New Macros

QVERIFY_THROWS_EXCEPTION(exceptiontype, ...)
Q_APPLICATION_STATIC(Type, VariableName, ...)

New Enum Types

enum class TransportMedium { Unknown, Ethernet, Cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth }
enum Initialization { InheritFromParent }
enum AceProcessingOption { IgnoreIDNWhitelist, AceTransitionalProcessing }

New Enum Values

New Properties

New Variables

New QML Types

New QML Properties

QML Type Bar3DSeries:

rowColors : list<ThemeColor>

QML Type Bars3D:

QML Type FileInstancing:

QML Type HeightMapSurfaceDataProxy:

autoScaleY : real
maxYValue : real
minYValue : real

QML Type HoverHandler:

blocking : bool

QML Type InstanceList:

QML Type ParticleSystem3DLogging:

timeDeviation : real

QML Type SpriteParticle3D:

lights : list<Light>
offsetX : float
offsetY : float

QML Type Surface3DSeries:

wireframeColor : color

QML Type TextMetrics:

renderType : enumeration

QML Type WheelHandler:

blocking : bool

New QML Methods

QML Type AbstractGraph3D:

bool hasSeries(Abstract3DSeries series)

QML Type Instancing:

color instanceColor(int index)
vector3d instanceCustomData(int index)
vector3d instancePosition(int index)
quaternion instanceRotation(int index)
vector3d instanceScale(int index)

QML Type Item:

QML Type TestCase:


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