Qt PDF C++ Classes

Renders pages from PDF documents. More...



Holds a tree of of links (anchors) within a PDF document, such as the table of contents


Loads a PDF document and renders pages from it


Holds the options to render a page from a PDF document


Defines a link between a region on a page (such as a hyperlink or a search result) and a destination (page, location on the page, and zoom level at which to view it)


Holds the geometry and the destination for each link that the specified page contains


Navigation history within a PDF document


Encapsulates the rendering of pages of a PDF document


A widget for selecting a PDF page


Searches for a string in a PDF document and holds the results


Defines a range of text that has been selected on one page in a PDF document, and its geometric boundaries


A PDF viewer widget

Detailed Description

The Qt PDF module contains classes and functions for rendering PDF documents.

To link against the module, add this line to your qmake project file:

QT += pdf

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