Cerence XT9 Advanced Input

The Cerence XT9 advanced input offers high-quality spell correction and predictive text input that works with standard keyboard layouts bundled with the Qt Virtual Keyboard.

The Cerence XT9 works as an add-on loaded into the Qt Virtual Keyboard at start-up.

Main features:


The XT9 engine supports all the alphabetical languages as well as other languages, such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Advanced correction and learning capabilities

Correction and learning capabilities are based the advanced language model that XT9 uses to correct and learn from the user input. For instance, frequently used words are prioritized in the word candidate list.

Next word prediction

Next word prediction is activated after selecting a candidate from the word candidate list. It automatically fills the word candidate list with followup words based on the context and previous input.

Application specific dictionaries

With the new QVirtualKeyboardDictionaryManager, the application can create custom dictionaries and attach them to any context within the application. Together with the VirtualKeyboardSettings.defaultDictionaryDisabled property, it is possible to use custom dictionaries exclusively, without the standard built-in dictionaries.

Handwriting Recognition with XT9 Capabilities

Cerence handwriting recognition and XT9 engines are uniquely integrated together in the Qt Virtual Keyboard. This means that the improved word candidate suggestions and next word prediction are also available in the handwriting mode.

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