Directories that are excluded from runtime dependencies search

This variable is defined by the script named by QT_DEPLOY_SUPPORT. It should only be used as part of deployment during installation or a post-build rule.

Note: This is a low-level deployment API variable, and should only be used in advanced use-cases that are not covered by the higher-level API commands, like qt_generate_deploy_app_script.

This variable was introduced in Qt 6.5.

This variable contains a list of directories that are not taken into account when searching for runtime dependencies with qt_deploy_runtime_dependencies.

Projects may alter this variable before calling qt_deploy_runtime_dependencies to control from which directory runtime dependencies are deployed.

This variable is ignored if the POST_EXCLUDE_REGEXES option is specified in the qt_deploy_runtime_dependencies call.

This variable is not meaningful when deploying on macOS or Windows.

See also qt_deploy_runtime_dependencies.

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