CMake Variable Reference

Qt build variables

When building Qt you can use CMake variables to control the build result.

QT_HOST_PATHLocation of the host Qt installation from which host tools may be used during another Qt build, either a regular one or a cross-compiling one.
QT_FORCE_BUILD_TOOLSForces building tools even if host tools have already been found. Useful when cross-compiling Qt to ensure the SDK has cross-built tools.
QT_FORCE_FIND_TOOLSUses Qt tools from the pre-built Qt in QT_HOST_PATH when you do not cross-compile. The variable only takes effect if QT_FORCE_BUILD_TOOLS is set to ON. Otherwise QT_FORCE_FIND_TOOLS does not affect the default behavior.

Module variables

Qt modules loaded with find_package set various variables.

Note: You rarely need to access these variables directly. Common tasks like linking against a module should be done through the library targets each module defines.

For example, find_package(Qt6 COMPONENTS Widgets), when successful, makes the following variables available:

Qt6Widgets_COMPILE_DEFINITIONSA list of compile definitions to use when building against the library.
Qt6Widgets_DEFINITIONSA list of definitions to use when building against the library.
Qt6Widgets_EXECUTABLE_COMPILE_FLAGSA string of flags to use when building executables against the library.
Qt6Widgets_FOUNDA boolean that describes whether the module was found successfully.
Qt6Widgets_INCLUDE_DIRSA list of include directories to use when building against the library.
Qt6Widgets_LIBRARIESThe name of the imported target for the module: Qt6::Widgets
Qt6Widgets_PRIVATE_INCLUDE_DIRSA list of private include directories to use when building against the library and using private Qt API.
Qt6Widgets_VERSIONA string containing the module's version.

For all packages found with find_package, equivalents of these variables are available; they are case-sensitive.

Installation variables

Additionally, there are also variables that don't relate to a particular package, but to the Qt installation itself.



An integer that controls the Qt version that qt_ commands forward to in case of mixed Qt 5 and Qt 6 projects. It needs to be set to either 5 or 6 before the respective find_package() calls.

If set to 5, commands starting with qt_ will call their counterpart starting with qt5_. If set to 6, they will call their counterpart starting with qt6_.

If not set, the first find_package call defines the default version.

QT_LIBINFIXA string that holds the infix used in library names, when Qt is configured with -libinfix.


Hides commands that start with qt_, leaving only the versioned ones starting with qt6_.


Hides the imported targets starting with Qt::. Instead, you need to use the targets starting with Qt6::.
QT_VISIBILITY_AVAILABLEOn Unix, a boolean that describes whether Qt libraries and plugins were compiled with -fvisibility=hidden. This means that only selected symbols are exported.

Project variables

These variables can influence CMake commands provided by Qt. They may be set by the project, a toolchain file or other third-party packages.



Android-specific architecture of the host system


Location of the Android SDK


List of ABIs that the project packages are built for


List of arguments to pass to Android applications


Enables building multi-ABI packages using the autodetected Qt for Android SDK list


Forces or disables release package signing regardless of the build type


Allows to share CMake variables in multi-ABI builds


Signs the .aab package with the specified keystore, alias, and store password


Signs the package with the specified keystore, alias, and store password


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying runtime binaries on some target platforms


Directories that are excluded from runtime dependencies search


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying program executables on some target platforms


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying libraries on some target platforms


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying Qt plugins on some target platforms


Base location for a deployment


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying QML plugins on some target platforms


Name of the file to include for setting up deployment support


Prefix-relative subdirectory for deploying Qt translations on some target platforms


Enables verbose mode of deployment tools


Location of the host Qt installation when cross-compiling


Specifies the language of translatable strings


List of languages to be used for project internationalization


Path to iOS launch screen storyboard used by all targets


Prevents collecting of project-built shared library targets during Android deployment


Prevents collecting of imported targets during Android deployment


Disables providing a fallback app bundle ID during target finalization on iOS


Disables providing a fallback team ID during target finalization on iOS


Prevents subsequent calls to qt_standard_project_setup() from making any changes


Set of variables to specify the path to Qt for Android for the corresponding ABI



Enables autogeneration of .qmlls.ini files for QML Language Server


Base output directory below which QML modules will be created by default



Enable verbose logging for all ifcodegen functions


Search path for ifcodegen templates

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