Qt for iOS - Building from Source

Building Qt for iOS from sources requires Xcode with Command Line Tools installed. You can install Xcode Command Line Tools directly using xcode-select –install from you terminal or as a package using Homebrew. Qt sources can be obtained either by cloning the repositories or downloading the source package(s).

You can then configure and build Qt. This is done from the Qt top directory:

> ./configure -platform macx-ios-clang -release -qt-host-path <path_to_host_qt_installation>

Note: configure always uses the Ninja generator and build tool if a ninja executable is available. Ninja is cross-platform, feature-rich, performant, and recommended on all platforms. The use of other generators might work but is not officially supported.

For other configure options, see Qt Configure Options.

Then, simply run cmake --build . --parallel.

Note: A default build will include both simulator and device libraries. If you want to build for a single target, use the -sdk argument with either iphoneos or iphonesimulator.

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