QNativeInterface Namespace

The QNativeInterface namespace includes the following elements from module QtGui. The full namespace is documented in module QtPlatformIntegration here.


(since 6.0) struct QAndroidOffscreenSurface
(since 6.7) struct QAndroidScreen
(since 6.0) struct QCocoaGLContext
(since 6.0) struct QEGLContext
(since 6.0) struct QGLXContext
(since 6.0) struct QWGLContext
(since 6.5) struct QWaylandApplication
(since 6.7) struct QWaylandScreen
(since 6.7) struct QWindowsScreen
(since 6.2) struct QX11Application


class QAndroidOffscreenSurface

Native interface to a offscreen surface on Android. More...

class QAndroidScreen

Native interface to a screen. More...

class QCocoaGLContext

Native interface to an NSOpenGLContext on macOS. More...

class QEGLContext

Native interface to an EGL context. More...

class QGLXContext

Native interface to a GLX context. More...

class QWGLContext

Native interface to a WGL context on Windows. More...

class QWaylandApplication

Native interface to a Wayland application. More...

class QWaylandScreen

Native interface to a screen on Wayland. More...

class QWindowsScreen

Native interface to a screen. More...

class QX11Application

Native interface to an X11 application. More...

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