The following topics describe the different parts of the UI in detail.

Call Hierarchy

Shows information about incoming and outgoing function calls from a language server.

Class View

Shows the class hierarchy of the currently open projects.

File System

Shows all the files in the current directory.

Include Hierarchy

Shows the files that the current file includes and those that include the current file.

Open Documents

Shows currently open files.


Shows an overview of defined types and other symbols, as well as their properties and hierarchy in a source file.


Shows a list of projects in a project tree.

Type Hierarchy

Shows the base classes and derived classes of a class.

Output Views

Application Output

Displays the status of a program when you execute it, and the debug output.

Compile Output

Shows all output from the compiler.


Lists issues from different sources.

Search Results

Lets you search through projects, files on a file system or the currently open files.


Opens a terminal.

To-Do Entries

Lists the BUG, FIXME, NOTE, TODO, and WARNING keywords from the current file, from all project files, or from a subproject.

See also User Interface, Show and hide sidebars, and View output.

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