To-Do Entries

Note: Enable the Todo plugin to use it.

Click the icons on the toolbar to show only the selected keywords.

{To-Do Entries}

You can also open task list files generated by code scanning and analysis tools in Issues. For more information, see Show task list files in Issues.

To-Do Preferences

To add keywords, select Preferences > To-Do > Add. Set an icon and a line background color for the keyword.

{To-Do preferences}

  • To change the icon and line background color of the selected keyword, select Edit.
  • To remove the selected keyword, select Remove.
  • To reset the list to predefined keywords, select Reset. All your changes will be permanently lost.
  • To determine whether the keywords in the whole project, in the current file, or in a subproject are displayed by default, select the appropriate option in the Scanning scope group.

Excluding Files from Scanning

To exclude files from scanning, select Project Settings > To-Do in the Projects mode.

{Excluded Files in To-Do preferences}

Select Add and double-click the placeholder text in Exclude Files to enter a regular expression that matches the path to files to exclude. Use a forward slash (/) as a separator in the path also on Windows.

Select the link in Use global settings to open global To-Do preferences.

See also Enable and disable plugins.

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