Specify dependencies

If you have multiple projects loaded in a session, you can define the order in which they are built. For example, if project A depends on project B, project B must be built first.

Note: The build order is stored as a property of a session, not a project. You must open the session for these settings to take effect.

{Dependencies settings in Projects mode}

To define the build order of projects within a session:

  1. Select Projects > Project Settings > Dependencies.
  2. Select projects that must be built before the current project is built.
  3. Select the Synchronize configuration check box to use the same kit as well as the same build and deploy configuration to build and deploy all dependent projects loaded in a session.

Qt Creator calculates the build order based on the dependencies that you specify for the projects loaded in the session.

Note: You cannot use this view to specify subprojects for projects.

See also Add subprojects to projects and Manage sessions.

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