Customize the build process

To configure how projects are built, deployed, and run, go to Preferences > Build & Run > General.

{Build & Run General preferences}

By default, Always deploy project before running it (1) and Build the Whole Project (2) are selected. Therefore, when you select (Run), Qt Creator checks for changes in the project files and also builds and deploys the project if necessary.

To deploy applications without building them or to just build the application that you want to run, select the appropriate options in Build before deploying.

Stop applications before building

By default, the applications that the project contains are stopped before rebuilding the project.

To stop just the current application, the applications in the same build directory, all applications, or no applications, select the appropriate option in Stop applications before building.

Use jom

On Windows, you can use jom instead of nmake for building the project to distribute the compilation process to multiple CPU cores.

To use jom:

  1. Download jom from Qt Downloads.
  2. Select Use jom instead of nmake.

Clear the check box if builds fail.

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