Add wizards

Qt Creator has wizards for adding classes, files, and projects that you can copy and edit to create your own wizards. Create the wizard directory in the templates/wizards/ directory in your user settings directory.

To create a new wizard:

  1. Start Qt Creator with the -customwizard-verbose argument to receive feedback during wizard development. For more information, see Verbose Output.
  2. Set keyboard shortcuts for the Inspect and Factory.Reset actions, as described in Tips for Wizard Development.
  3. Copy a directory that contains a wizard and rename it. For example, copy share/qtcreator/templates/wizards/classes/cpp as $HOME/.config/QtProject/qtcreator/templates/wizards/classes/mycpp.
  4. Use the Factory.Reset action to make the wizard appear in File > New File without restarting Qt Creator.
  5. Open the wizard configuration file, wizard.json for editing, as described in Custom Wizards.
  6. Change the id to something unique. Wizards are sorted by the ID in alphabetic order within a category. You can use a leading letter to specify the position of the wizard. For example, B.MyClass.

See also Custom Wizards and Find settings files.

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