Contact Qt

To report bugs and tell us what you think about Qt Creator and Qt, go to Help.

Report bugs and suggest improvements

To report bugs and add suggestions for improvement to the Qt Project Bug Tracker, go to Help > Report Bug.

To copy information about your Qt Creator version that you can paste to the bug report, go to Help > About Qt Creator and select Copy and Close.

To copy detailed information about your system that you can paste to the bug report, go to Help > System Information and select Copy to Clipboard.

To get commercial Qt support, go to Help > Commercial Qt Support and create a service request. To check your licenses and services, go to Help > Qt Account.

Give feedback

To rate Qt Creator and send us feedback, go to Help > Give Feedback.

Or, give feedback from your Qt account.

Join discussions

To join the Qt Creator mailing list or #qt-creator channel on Libera.Chat IRC, go to Help > Contact.

See also Paste and fetch code snippets and Technical Support.

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