Edit Qbs profiles

To view the Qbs profile associated with a kit, select Preferences > Qbs > Profiles.

"Qbs Profiles tab"

You can add keys and values to the profile or remove them from it, as well as modify existing values. For a list of available keys and values, see List of Modules in the Qbs Manual.

To edit the Qbs profile associated with a kit:

  1. In Preferences > Kits, select the kit, and then select Change next to the Additional Qbs Profile Settings field to open the Custom Properties dialog.

    "Custom Properties dialog"

  2. Double-click an empty cell in the Key column to specify the key to add or modify as: <module_name>.<property_name>.
  3. Double-click the cell on the same row in the Value column to specify a value as a JSON literal.
  4. Select Add to add the key-value pair.
  5. Click OK.

To modify an existing value, double-click it in the Value field.

To remove the selected property, select Remove.

See also Activate kits for a project, Add kits, and Kits.

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