Switch between modes

Modes let you quickly switch between tasks such as editing project and source files, designing application UIs, configuring projects for building and running, and debugging or analyzing source code.

To switch between modes:

ModeKeyboard ShortcutPurposeRead More
WelcomeCtrl+1Open projects, tutorials, and examples.User Interface
EditCtrl+2Edit project and source files.Edit Mode
DesignCtrl+3Design and develop application user interfaces. This mode is available for UI files.Designing User Interfaces
DebugCtrl+4Inspect the state of your application while debugging or use code analysis tools to detect memory leaks and profile code.Debugging
ProjectsCtrl+5Configure how to build and run projects. This mode is available when a project is open.Configuring Projects
HelpCtrl+6Read documentation.Get help

Some actions in Qt Creator trigger a mode change. For example, selecting Debug > Start Debugging > Start Debugging of Startup Project automatically switches to Debug mode.

To hide the mode selector and to save space on the display, select View > Mode Selector Style > Hidden. To only show icons on the mode selector, select the Icons Only style.

See also Show and hide sidebars and Show and hide the main menu.

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