Configuring Projects

When you install Qt for a target platform, such as Android or QNX, the build and run settings for the development targets might be set up automatically in Qt Creator.

To view and modify the settings for currently open projects, switch to the Projects mode by pressing Ctrl+5.

You can select build and run kits for the open projects and use the Build menu commands to build, deploy, and run projects.

Selecting Kits

To add kits for the project, select Add Kit. The list displays kits that are configured in Tools > Options > Build & Run > Kits. To add kits to the list, select Manage Kits. For more information about adding kits, see Adding Kits.

Each kit consists of a set of values that define one environment, such as a device, compiler, and Qt version. For more information, see Adding Qt Versions, Adding Compilers, and Adding Debuggers.

To copy the build and run settings for a kit to another kit, select Copy to Kit in the kit menu.

To change the kit, while preserving the build and run settings, select Change Kit.

To remove a kit, select Remove Kit.

Specifying Settings

The project pane consists of the following tabs:

Use the Build and Run buttons to switch between the build and run settings for the active project.

If you have multiple projects open in Qt Creator, use the tabs at the top of the window to navigate between their settings.

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