Function Class


Public Functions

Function(ValueOwner *valueOwner)
void addArgument(const Value *argument, const QString &name = QString())
void setOptionalNamedArgumentCount(int count)
void setReturnValue(const Value *returnValue)
void setVariadic(bool variadic)

Reimplemented Public Functions

virtual const Value *argument(int index) const override
virtual QString argumentName(int index) const override
virtual const Function *asFunction() const override
virtual bool isVariadic() const override
virtual int namedArgumentCount() const override
virtual int optionalNamedArgumentCount() const override
virtual const Value *returnValue() const override

Member Function Documentation

Function::Function(ValueOwner *valueOwner)

Default constructs an instance of Function.


Destroys the instance of Function.

void Function::addArgument(const Value *argument, const QString &name = QString())

[override virtual] const Value *Function::argument(int index) const

[override virtual] QString Function::argumentName(int index) const

[override virtual] const Function *Function::asFunction() const

[override virtual] bool Function::isVariadic() const

[override virtual] int Function::namedArgumentCount() const

[override virtual] int Function::optionalNamedArgumentCount() const

See also setOptionalNamedArgumentCount().

[override virtual] const Value *Function::returnValue() const

See also setReturnValue().

void Function::setOptionalNamedArgumentCount(int count)

See also optionalNamedArgumentCount().

void Function::setReturnValue(const Value *returnValue)

See also returnValue().

void Function::setVariadic(bool variadic)

See also isVariadic().