Icons Class


Public Functions

QIcon icon(const QString &packageName, const QString typeName) const
void setIconFilesPath(const QString &iconPath)

Static Public Members

QIcon functionDeclarationIcon()
QIcon icon(AST::Node *node)
Icons *instance()
QIcon objectDefinitionIcon()
QIcon publicMemberIcon()
QIcon scriptBindingIcon()

Member Function Documentation


Destroys the instance of Icons.

[static] QIcon Icons::functionDeclarationIcon()

QIcon Icons::icon(const QString &packageName, const QString typeName) const

[static] QIcon Icons::icon(AST::Node *node)

[static] Icons *Icons::instance()

[static] QIcon Icons::objectDefinitionIcon()

[static] QIcon Icons::publicMemberIcon()

[static] QIcon Icons::scriptBindingIcon()

void Icons::setIconFilesPath(const QString &iconPath)