LibraryInfo Class


The LibraryInfo class creates a QML library. More...

Header: #include <LibraryInfo>

Public Types

enum PluginTypeInfoStatus { NoTypeInfo, DumpDone, DumpError, TypeInfoFileDone, TypeInfoFileError }
enum Status { NotScanned, NotFound, Found }

Public Functions

LibraryInfo(Status status = NotScanned)
LibraryInfo(const QmlDirParser &parser, const QByteArray &fingerprint = QByteArray())
QByteArray calculateFingerprint() const
QList<QmlDirParser::Component> components() const
QStringList dependencies() const
QByteArray fingerprint() const
bool isValid() const
FakeMetaObjectList metaObjects() const
QList<ModuleApiInfo> moduleApis() const
QString pluginTypeInfoError() const
PluginTypeInfoStatus pluginTypeInfoStatus() const
QList<QmlDirParser::Plugin> plugins() const
void setDependencies(const QStringList &deps)
void setMetaObjects(const FakeMetaObjectList &objects)
void setModuleApis(const QList<ModuleApiInfo> &apis)
void setPluginTypeInfoStatus(PluginTypeInfoStatus dumped, const QString &error = QString())
QList<QmlDirParser::TypeInfo> typeInfos() const
void updateFingerprint()
bool wasFound() const
bool wasScanned() const

Detailed Description

The LibraryInfo class creates a QML library.

A LibraryInfo is created when the ModelManagerInterface finds a QML library and parses the qmldir file. The instance holds information about which Components the library provides and which plugins to load.

The ModelManager will try to extract detailed information about the types defined in the plugins this library loads. Once it is done, the data will be available through the metaObjects() function.

See also Snapshot.

Member Type Documentation

enum LibraryInfo::PluginTypeInfoStatus

enum LibraryInfo::Status

Member Function Documentation

LibraryInfo::LibraryInfo(Status status = NotScanned)

Default constructs an instance of LibraryInfo.

LibraryInfo::LibraryInfo(const QmlDirParser &parser, const QByteArray &fingerprint = QByteArray())

Default constructs an instance of LibraryInfo.


Destroys the instance of LibraryInfo.

QByteArray LibraryInfo::calculateFingerprint() const

QList<QmlDirParser::Component> LibraryInfo::components() const

QStringList LibraryInfo::dependencies() const

See also setDependencies().

QByteArray LibraryInfo::fingerprint() const

bool LibraryInfo::isValid() const

FakeMetaObjectList LibraryInfo::metaObjects() const

See also setMetaObjects().

QList<ModuleApiInfo> LibraryInfo::moduleApis() const

See also setModuleApis().

QString LibraryInfo::pluginTypeInfoError() const

PluginTypeInfoStatus LibraryInfo::pluginTypeInfoStatus() const

See also setPluginTypeInfoStatus().

QList<QmlDirParser::Plugin> LibraryInfo::plugins() const

void LibraryInfo::setDependencies(const QStringList &deps)

See also dependencies().

void LibraryInfo::setMetaObjects(const FakeMetaObjectList &objects)

See also metaObjects().

void LibraryInfo::setModuleApis(const QList<ModuleApiInfo> &apis)

See also moduleApis().

void LibraryInfo::setPluginTypeInfoStatus(PluginTypeInfoStatus dumped, const QString &error = QString())

See also pluginTypeInfoStatus().

QList<QmlDirParser::TypeInfo> LibraryInfo::typeInfos() const

void LibraryInfo::updateFingerprint()

bool LibraryInfo::wasFound() const

bool LibraryInfo::wasScanned() const