Scanner Class


Public Functions

virtual ~Scanner()
bool isKeyword(const QString &text) const
bool scanComments() const
void setScanComments(bool scanComments)
int state() const
QList<Token> operator()(const QString &text, int startState = Normal)

Static Public Members

QStringList keywords()

Member Function Documentation


Default constructs an instance of Scanner.

[virtual] Scanner::~Scanner()

Destroys the instance of Scanner. The destructor is virtual.

bool Scanner::isKeyword(const QString &text) const

[static] QStringList Scanner::keywords()

bool Scanner::scanComments() const

See also setScanComments().

void Scanner::setScanComments(bool scanComments)

See also scanComments().

int Scanner::state() const

QList<Token> Scanner::operator()(const QString &text, int startState = Normal)