VcsBase Namespace

The VcsBase namespace contains classes for the VcsBase plugin. More...

Header: #include <VcsBase>


namespace Constants


enum CheckMode { Unchecked, Checked, Uncheckable }
enum EditorContentType { RegularCommandOutput, LogOutput, AnnotateOutput, DiffOutput }


bool operator!=(const int &s1, const int &s2)
bool operator!=(const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s1, const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s2)
bool operator==(const int &s1, const int &s2)
bool operator==(const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s1, const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s2)

Detailed Description

The VcsBase namespace contains classes for the VcsBase plugin.


namespace VcsBase::Constants

Type Documentation

enum VcsBase::CheckMode

enum VcsBase::EditorContentType

This enum describes the contents of a VcsBaseEditor and its interaction.

VcsBase::RegularCommandOutput?No special handling.
VcsBase::LogOutput0Log of a file under revision control. Provide a description of the change that users can click to view detailed information about the change and Annotate for the log of a single file.
VcsBase::AnnotateOutput1Color contents per change number and provide a clickable change description. Context menu offers annotate previous version functionality. Expected format:
<change description>: file line
VcsBase::DiffOutput2Diff output. Might include describe output, which consists of a header and diffs. Double-clicking the chunk opens the file. The context menu offers the functionality to revert the chunk.

See also VcsBase::VcsBaseEditorWidget.

Function Documentation

bool VcsBase::operator!=(const int &s1, const int &s2)

bool VcsBase::operator!=(const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s1, const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s2)

bool VcsBase::operator==(const int &s1, const int &s2)

bool VcsBase::operator==(const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s1, const VcsBase::VcsBaseClientSettings &s2)