Exporting QML

UI forms (ui.qml files) can be exported to JSON metadata format and PNG assets.

To export the UI forms (ui.qml files) from the current project, select Build > Export QML.

The primary use of exported metadata and assets is to generate native file formats in content creation tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, using Qt Bridge. Qt Bridge for Adobe Photoshop can generate PSD files by importing the metadata and assets.

QML is exported as follows:

  • QML types inherited from Item are exported, other types are ignored.
  • Text components are exported as metadata only and no assets are generated.
  • Rectangle and Image types generate assets as PNG files.

Configuring QML Export

You can configure the export in the Export QML dialog, which lists the UI forms (ui.qml files) of the current project.

"QML Export Dialog"

  1. In the Export path field, specify the path where the metadata file and assets are exported.
  2. Deselect the Export assets check box to disable exporting assets and only generate the metadata file.
  3. In the file list, select the UI forms to be exported.
  4. Select Export export to start the export process.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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