Editing 3D Scenes

You can use 3D Editor in the Design mode to edit files you created using 3D graphics applications and stored in one of the supported formats. You cannot create 3D models or other assets in the editor, but you can import the assets you need and work with them to create scenes and states, as well as the transitions between them.

When you import 3D scenes from files that you exported from 3D graphics tools, you also import the camera, light, model, and materials as 3D components. If your scene did not contain them, you can add predefined 3D components to it and edit their properties to fit your needs.

The following topics contain information about editing 3D scenes:

  • Adding 3D Views

    You can drag-and-drop 3D components from Library > Components to 3D Editor or to Navigator. You must add all 3D components into a 3D view.

  • Using 3D Components

    You can speficy properties for 3D components, such as cameras, lights, materials, and shaders, in the Properties view.

For more information, watch the following video:

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