Qt Quick Ultralite Shapes QML Types

The Qt Quick Ultralite Shapes module provides types to use vector shapes in Qt Quick Ultralite applications.

To use the Qt Quick Ultralite Shapes QML types, add Shapes to the list of module files in your qmlproject based project.

ModuleFiles {
    MCU.qulModules: ["Shapes"]

When using CMake projects, link your application to the Qul::Shapes CMake target.

target_link_libraries(app PRIVATE Qul::Shapes)

And add the following import statement to your .qml file:

import QtQuick.Shapes 2.2


  • The module's version number matches Qt Quick Ultralite's version number.

Object Types


Renders a path


Describes a Path and the associated properties for stroking and filling

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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