This variable sets the toolchain location for the supported toolchains. It is required for the toolchain files provided with the Qt Quick Ultralite packages.

Note: The toolchain located in the given QUL_TARGET_TOOLCHAIN_DIR must match the toolchain specified in CMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE.

This page uses QUL_ROOT and QUL_TOOLS in command line examples as if they were set as environment variables. For example:

export QUL_ROOT=$HOME/Qt/QtMCUs/2.2
export QUL_TOOLS=$HOME/Qt/Tools/QtMCUs
set QUL_ROOT=C:\Qt\QtMCUs\2.2
set QUL_TOOLS=C:\Qt\Tools\QtMCUs


cmake .. -DQUL_PLATFORM=MIMXRT1050-EVK-baremetal -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=%QUL_ROOT%\lib\cmake\Qul\toolchain\armgcc.cmake -DQUL_TARGET_TOOLCHAIN_DIR=%QUL_TOOLS%\arm_gcc_10 -DQUL_BOARD_SDK_DIR=C:\path\to\the\SDK

See also Getting Started with CMake.

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