Setting this property to true, will indicate that all the images in the node are sources for a sprite animation. To use these images in a sprite animation, An AnimatedSpriteDirectory type should be added with its sourcePath property set to the directory path.


This property makes it possible to group images that are sources for a sprite animation, and tag them. It also enables the Qt Quick Ultralite Tools to find the directory and images at compile time. The Qt Quick Ultralite Tools process these images based on the tag, to make sure AnimatedSpriteDirectory renders them correctly.

If this property is set to true, images in the node will be tagged as sources for a sprite animation.

Warning: Using the sprite animation sources for any other purpose other than a sprite animation, may result in rendering issues.


This property is accepted in any context where its parent node is accepted. It takes a boolean value, and the default value is false.

Code example:

    ImageFiles {
        files: [
        MCU.resourceAnimatedSprite: true


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3.

See also Managing Resources.

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