By default, qmlprojectexporter generates a directory "config", with a set of plain-text files containing information about:

  • projectname.1.inputs.txt: Input files (Qml sources, images, etc.)
  • projectname.1.compiler_outputs.txt: Generated files (C++ sources, headers)
  • projectname.1.libraries.txt: Required libraries that the build system needs to link against when building the application
  • projectname.1.linker_options.txt: options to pass to the linker

3rd party build systems can parse these plain-text files to generate dependency trees. You can also use them when configuring a project manually.

If the project makes use of modules, the configuration files for all the modules are also located in the same 'output/config' directory.


// Running the following command will generate c++ files,
// but not the config files listed earlier, See also \l --no-export-cpp.
qmlprojectexporter --no-export-configuration --outdir output-dir my_project.qmlproject


This option was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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